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Still on Hiatus

Hey Everyone!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m on break from blogging these days and I will continue to be until the new year. Right now I have a full semester load plus I am working and will be volunteering. I use my facebook page the most. I already have discussed new goals that I want to accomplish by december and I am always giving tips and advice. Plus getting feedback and creating discussion on the fb page is always great.

Please continue to make healthy decisions. Eat Well— whole foods, nuts, legumes, reducing your sugar etc. Exercise frequently, whether you are walking, jogging, climbing, lifting, etc. Sleep, get those 7-8 hours in nightly and remember to take care of yourself…rest, relax and pamper YOU!

Be well! Stay blessed! I’ll be back in a fw months with updates.

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DO WORK! (little trap action)

Get There. New Levels


Exercise and Eating

Whenever people ask me for some help & advice they always throw in, oh I don’t drink soda. Or something like I eat breakfast almost  daily too. I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of  individuals know that diet and nutrition play an important role, and working out on its own won’t solve whatever the problem is solely.  The issue people deal with, is learning how what you eat and drink impacts your body and to what extent AND how to workout effectively and efficiently. Yes, you’ll get results by just changing your diet and neglecting additional physical activity. Yes, you can see results by working out  while not changing your diet.  However, you will see maximal results when you adjust what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, and your workout principles: intensity/frequency/duration/rest periods. Here are a few questions I have. Think and answer these questions. You’ll find out where you’re going right and wrong AND where you need help. [That’s why I am here! :) ]

  1. Do you do any strength training?  If not, why? Then I suggest starting some. Start with 2 days a week.
  2. Is cardio your main source of fitness? [Usually the answer is yes.] Add some interval training [HIIT]
  3. Do you eat breakfast everyday? What do you have?
  4. Are you a snacker? How  frequently and what do you eat?
  5. Coffee/Juice/Soda drinker? Frequently? You gotta stop it. Drink more water.
  6. Carbs are not bad. Sugar is bad. Dairy can be bad. Carbs..nah not so much.
  7. Do you know the difference between simple carbs/complex carbs? Familiar with nutritionally dense foods?
  8. It’s recommended you get 7-9 hours a sleep per night. Do you?
  9. What do you do about self -love? How do you take car of yourself?
  10. Do you have a support system? How much time can you dedicate to working out, meal prep. etc?
  11. Most importantly, what is your goal?

As for tips:

  1. Start slow. Do not change everything at once.
  2. Have a goal that is realistic and know that results will take time.
  3. Do not become frustrated. Do not give up.
  4. If you slip up one day or  two days, oh well, we all do. Get back up and reset.
  5. It will be worth it in the end…promise!
I can't find the creator of this, but I agree with this

I can’t find the creator of this, but I agree with this


I will leave you all with this: For everyone who is trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just be great and have energy to do that…your diet matters. What you eat fuels all your muscles, organs, cells & systems… everything. So yes, what you eat really matters.  What you do 80% of the time matters more than 20% so if you been doing great for 2 weeks and you slip up a day or two, that isn’t going to wreck all your progress. Don’t think it will, be positive and patient with yourself.

Get There. New Levels


The Death Crawl Exercise

I was perusing through one of my favorite youtube fitness and motivation account: STACK.

I found this page when I discovered who Patrick Willis was, a super sick LB. I found his workout video and then became an even bigger fan.  I occasionally go back on their youtube and I am often on their webpage.

Well, yesterday I found this exercise called “death crawl” It wasn’t too complicated and I know it can be modified for individuals of any fitness level.

In the video the guy is using 20 lbs, a beginner would use body weight and the push-up would come later on. I would just hold as a plank. As you get more advanced if you don’t want to increase in weights, adding a twist or front raise. There are ways to make this crawl even deathier.

The next time I get to the gym for a workout will be Friday [today is climbing and core] and I plan on doing a bunch compound moves that will use many muscle groups at once. This death crawl will definitely be added!

Thank you Todd Durkin!

Enjoy folks & let me know how it goes!

Get There. New Levels



Don’t Worry, Be Flexible

and no I’m not talking about yoga.

I’ve been told years on years that I am stubborn and I have finally accepted and realized this a few years ago. It’s some situations where my stubbornness is good and others when it is in the way and I need to sit down somewhere.

I am a planner. I plan with the intention that everyone follows the course of action that has been set out for him/her and there will be little unforeseen complications.

Well let me to you, not everyone thinks that way and despite my intentions, very often the projects/goals wouldn’t go as planned and then I would just get ticked off and my usual first reaction is to say forget it. forget you. forget everything…I’m outta here.



Many people aren’t like me & they handle situations differently. It turns out being quite great when working in a group or team. These skills are really transferable for many tasks, activities and …in life .  You learn to adapt and adjust without getting so bent out of shape. You learn to listen and respond instead of becoming so frustrated with everyone around you.  Being flexible is applicable when it comes to your goals in life too, not just a project.

There are times where you can see exactly where you are going, everything is falling into place and life is great. However, there are many, MANY, other times when you stumble about and as you keep your goals in the forefront, you have to adjust what you are doing, how you are living, and many other factors to continue reaching your goals.

I am learning [still] that I will sometimes fail. I will sometimes stumble, but if I keep getting up and I keep going after my goals, even though I have to change how I get TO my goals everything is all good.  I saw a post on tumblr which is the picture to the left and it really is true.  You have to be flexible and you need to not get discouraged when things to go according to how YOU think they should.

Changing up how you get to your goals is inevitable. It’s not a bad thing either, you don’t know what you’ll learn in the process, who you’ll meet and how much you’ll grow.

Get There. New Levels

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You and Your Dog: Exercising Together


Fitness expert, Julia Chan has developed a fun circuit of exercises inspired by a dog’s most common movements. Below is a very cool infographic that connects common dog movements so you can exercise better with your pet!

Now I am not a big pet fan, I love fishes,  we really can’t exercise together, but this is GREAT for pet owners. I’ve looked through them and realized that you can really relate human movements with doggie movements!  To all pet owners out there..enjoy! :)

Just remember, a warm up and a cool down are vital for a complete workout. Warming up can simply be  a jog to a song or 2 with your dog in toe, and include some static stretches into the cool down. Remember, static stretches are best after you do your workout when your muscles can handle the strain and pull. The older you get, the more you realize how important warming up and cooling down is pre &post workout!

Get There. New Levels

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Oh, It’s a Green Drank. . .

I like green dranks. Drinks with kale. Drinks with spinach. Drink that make people do a double take.

I drink them about three times a week and I have no shame in carry them around these days. I like them for the sole reason because you can play around so much with the ingredients and it’s so much fun. You can go wrong, but you also can go VERY RIGHT! You get your veggies. You get your fruits. You can add your “power-ups” In addition to being healthy, especially since you know exactly what is going into the drink, your energy levels shouldn’t suffer when have this.

Honestly it’s a win win. People usually gag at the color, but I love the color green soooo . . . . IN short-I am out here winning. If you aren’t making some green dranks, you’re out here losing. Come over to the green side…we winning. :D

I frequently use:

  • Base: Coconut Water, Vanilla Almond Milk, Water
  • Veggie: kale, spinach, cucumber, carrot, beets, celery
  • Fresh or Frozen (never canned) Fruit: peaches/pears/pineapple/banana/kiwi/mango/plums/ all types of berries
  • Extras: Whey protein/ green superfood powder/ chia seeds/ flax seeds/ lemon/cinnamon

Below is a link to my drinks and pics that are helpful for beginners and veterans alike!

The most important part in making a green drank is to have fun and make it goooood: My Green Dranks 

Get There. New Levels.

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Accountability For Your Fitness & Health Goals

Hey!  Hi! Hello!

I wanted to invite everyone to join my facebook page for this reason [Refer to Title]. People still ask me for advice and people ALWAYS tell me what they are doing in regards to their diets and workouts as soon as I see them..haha.  I appreciate that, however, a lifestyle change doesn’t happen over night. Having a support system near or far is so important. I love to encourage others, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone who is in your shoes or has been in your shoes.  Even when you reach your goals, sometimes you need a push when trying to figure out what to do next to maintain! WE GOT YOU!

What I am trying to do is build a community where we hold each other accountable. We’re not chastising, bullying, being nosey… none of that.  We tell our goals and keep each other on track, encouraging  & making sure we are trying our best daily.  Each one, Reach one!

It’s not a challenge, it’s a weekly note to your self that you can do this and by putting it out there, know that we are here for you. Your goals can be the same every single week, and if they are…keep working on it!

If you wanna be down, be down! I really want to get more [social media] vocal individuals out and possibly create some buzz.  Please share and feel free to join my facebook page: The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus – – – Join US!!


Get There. New Levels.




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