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Summer Time Fine

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Hello All!

Back in my youth, *a few months ago* I really loved crop tops, I figured now that I’m an oldie I would stop wearing them. Well, I lied to myself. I got a few this past weekend.

I’m fairly confident my abs are awesome, however, if you haven’t heard I really do not like core specific workouts even though I know it’s so important and I know with all my workouts I engaging my core with every movement.  I decided to make a few workouts that target the core.  This is a good  way for me to do more core exercises and share the love! I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.. yup yuup! I will do more, if you have any suggestion or need any help I am here!

  • Side Plank Left Side hold 20 secs. Then Go STRAIGHT into pulsing 20 secs. [Video here of pulsing]
  • Side Plank Right Side. Hold 20 secs, then go STRAIGHT into pulsing for another 20 secs.
  • 40 toe touches  <–video
  • 20 each L/R toe touches is just like the regular toe touches but you are reaching to the left side of your feet or the right side of your feet.
  • Plank extensions and Wall sits have pics

Summer fine 1


Get There. New Levels.


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Oh, I Climbed There

Hey! Everybody, Hi!!

I have my 2014 outlook posted on my cork board which is posted directly above my desk. I read it every now and then, usually when I’m in my emotions and need to be encouraged, but there’s one bullet in there for something that I wanted to start this year and that is “start climbing consistently in 2014 on the wall at the gym.” WELL, when I started the spring semester, the wall was under renovations for about 2 months and in March when it was complete, there I was…climbing. I’m a beginner, but it’s something that I love. It’s such an amazing workout, especially the upper body, but also your mind. You HAVE to be logical about how to get up and stay on course. Wednesday I have sunrise yoga before classes and after classes I go to the wall for another 45 minutes to work on getting my belay certification and climbing. * Please note, I am not afraid of heights*

Climbing wall.

Climbing wall-looking up.

Our wall at USC is 52 ft high and they have climbing routes for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers. The staff is really nice and encouraging. The climbing wall is part of the Outdoors Rec. Dept which has me thinking more and more that I’m an outdoorsy person. In addition to all the other types of activity I like to do– running, gyming, lifting, eating, yoging, etc, I love the outdoors life… hiking, climbing, kayaking, camping… you get my gist. The most important thing about working out is the enjoyment factor- you should be enjoying yourself at least 99.9960% of the time the other .0040 is you pushing yourself and fighting through to get to your goal. For example: Around mile 2.3 of running I feel it, I’m talking to myself, I’m questioning God why I am exercising, but usually I am internally yelling to myself to 1- stop working out in life. 2-push it to the end. It is a bit more challenging towards the end, BUT I STILL ENJOY MYSELF!

On with climbing…last week was graduate student week and at USC the graduate student association had an event on Thursday of climbing (an outdoors challenge course on campus) and ice cream. Bro, I was so there. I went with my classmates, who opted to watch and take pictures. I did the course first, it was like THE BEST EVER!!! If I was questioning then if I liked climbing, that day solidified it. Totally in love with it.

I want to get to a point where I have this really super picturesque photo and someone asks, “well dang Jordan how did you get ALL the way up there to take the picture?” and my response is… Oh I climbed there.
Will it happen? Yup, in a few years I’m sure of it.

Get There. New Levels.

Below are a few pictures from the challenge course and our climbing yall at the gym.

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Finally Understanding Yoga

I’ve written in the past about yoga. How I love it and how it really, really challenges me. In January, I purchased a group fitness pass from our fitness & wellness center so I could add some variety in my workouts and boy have I!!  I’ve taken several classes and I have definitely put this pass to use! This semester I’ve  taken Sunrise Yoga (45 mins) Wednesdays at 7am. This week I was unable to make it to Wednesday’s class so I went today to Power Yoga (60 mins)  Was it different? YES! And in a big way. The class is listed for intermediate and advanced yogis. I think I fall into that intermediate category, but just barely. It was sooo challenging but still super good!



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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’m channeling my inner von Trapp with the title, but I’m serious. The internet as we all know is filled with tons on tons of data, and it can be a bit overwhelming. I know sometimes I find myself reading through an email which connects me to this article which connects me to this related article and then I’ve been surfing the net for hours…booo. I’ve listed a few of my go to sites that are 100% awesome.


These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

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As An Emotional Eater…

*Sigh* this is me

*grabs snack*

So if you ever read my “who am I?” page, I have my deep dark secret posted which is: I’m an emotional eater. I say this is a deep dark secret because it’s no secret that I workout and eat healthy. I mean everybody knows this about me. But ME being an emotional eater, nah.

I realized this at Rutgers. One type of stress triggered me to lose my appetite. Another type of stress made me want to workout. And the third type of stress caused me to binge eat everything in sight! I have a pretty good handle on the first 2, but this eating thing really hasn’t gotten any better and I think I am finally ready to deal with myself. 

At home when I wanted to do this whole emotional eating thing I only had healthy choices and if I wanted junk I had to go out and get it. NOW that I’m on my own I just pop something  into my shopping cart or run to the vending machine before class. All that is honest to goodness unnecessary.

So what do I plan to do about it?
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Back Workout

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Hi!  Long time right?

Today I’m dropping part of my back workout. Now this isn’t entirely what I do, but this is part of it and some of my favorite exercises: Rows. When doing rows, be intentional about what you are doing, meaning, focus on where you should feel it. Don’t do rows and use your leg muscles to assist with the lifting. These are for your back and these work all parts. Not really your lower back, but all other muscles if not directly targeting your muscles, then indirectly, AND both your larger and smaller back muscles.

I like working the back because for a while I never did it, I just assumed I would get a nice defined back. Not until the fall of last year when I starting adding back specific muscles did I notice a  change. Your back plays such an important role and neglecting may not affect you now, as I am young, but I’m sure when I get older I’d regret it.  And even if you are older than me, it always helps to strength your back, it’s your trunk and a has a major role in all movement.

As always, please leave me feedback, I’ve already gotten some on facebook & tumblr for people who have incorporated it into their workout. **REMEMBER these are MY weights, when starting out if you need at 15 pound bar and not a 45 lb plate that do it.  Aiiiight!?  Yall excited!? woot woot

“Row ya Back”

12 rep single arm dumbbell row  [with weight] lbs
(superset meaning no rest) Bent over row 8 reps [with weight]
little tiny break
Back to the single arm dumbbell rows x 10-12 reps
superset with upright row plate x 8-12 reps [with weight]
break : : repeat

^^ that was part of another workout, but in the video I’m using the same exercises**

The upright row works your delts, traps, biceps
The Bent over row works your lats + other back muscles.
The single arm row works lats, the rhomboids and the middle & lower traps.

Get There. New Levels.


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Individual Veggie Pizza Pies

Good Afternoon !!!

This is life.

If you must know one thing about me, know that I love pizza. Not a little love, it is a large immense love that never dies down. Pizza with salad. Pizza with soup. Pizza with fries. Pizza for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Pizza for dinner. Pizza alone. Pizza party, etc you get my drift. Pizza is my bae.

When I was young, my mom made pizza, now it’s my duty when I’m home. Since I’m living on my own I realized 1) I don’t need to buy whole shells like I do when I make it for my family. 2) I probably don’t have enough freezer space (you know roommates and all) In the fall of last year I came up with a solution that has worked PERFECTLY and DELECTABLY and I’m here to share.

Ingredients (the amounts are up to you):

  • Tortilla shells (corn, flour, sprouted)
  • Pasta sauce (make up your own or buy some, I use 365′s brand)
  • Veggies- garlic/mushrooms/broccoli/ onions/ peppers/ spinach**
  • Cheese- cheddar/mozzarella/mix
Whole wheat crust. Small shells. Kale

Whole wheat crust/Small shells/Kale

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