Nutrition Traffic Lights


RED (Stop This) Yellow (Proceed with caution) Green( Do This)
Drinking Soda Nuts Drink Water 64oz/day suggested
Skipping Breakfast/ Having a big dinner Fruit Juices Eat Breakfast-Make a little time for it
Eating fast food Count Calories AT LEAST one serving of vegetables at dinner…more is better
Snacking on junk Anything with sugar. Control portion size
Comparing yourself to others Beverages with alcohol Eat lots of nutritionally dense foods
Eating Late # of times you weigh yourself HAVE SELF CONTROL & DISCIPLINE

These are little bits of advice that I would recommend to help with weight loss, weight management & even those who want to gain some weight. Look them over, think about your diet and start to make a change, start slow then HEY! you just never know where the next step will be.

Until Next Time,


-Get There.


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