Why Getting Those zZzzZz Really Makes a Difference!

In preschool school you fought it, now you can’t get enough. – SLEEP!

1. Why is sleep so important?

  • Sleep is a major aspect of health & wellness, one that is most often neglected. It affects all of our  functions; cognitive, social, emotional, physical etc throughout the day. During sleep  `hormones get rebalanced,  `body & brain restores itself &&`it just feels sooooo good!

2. How does it affect nutrition/dietary habits?Is there a relationship between the two?

  • Yes there is a relationship between those two.

Research shows that food and sleep have a connection in terms of eating too much or eating too late.

Major change in body shape is also found to be related to time of getting off to sleep. (Crisp & Stonehill)

  • But think about it guys, getting a substantial amount of sleep helps when dealing with stressful  situation, days & people, when we get stressed, mostly unhealthy habits are increased- such as grabbing junk food, snacking consistently, hitting the bottles for one drink which always somehow morphs into  few or several drinks,  skipping out on exercising to handle a situation or relax from a draining day. All these scenarios have a negative impact on your nutrition. Plus, hormones that affect hunger, satiety [feeling full] and weight loss are altered that will prevent you from making gains && seeing the results you want.

3. How does it affect your fitness routine?

  • Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining a fitness regimen- if you’re to sleepy to workout you won’t it’s as simple as that! Research shows that with acute sleep lost there is a decreased tolerance of heavy and prolonged exercise. (study by Martin BJ)  Morning exercise also promotes a better and more restful sleep. But if you’re not an early AM exerciser (like me) exercise  about 3-6 hours before hitting the sheets.  ALSO, growth hormone [a major player in building muscles] is produced during your sleep sessions, if you’re trying to build muscle mass, sleep is vital in the recovery phase.

4. How much should you get?

  • Recommend that  adults should get between 7-8 hours of sleep A NIGHT.  0__0 The closer you are to going to bed at a consistent time every night, the better your sleep pattern & circadian rhythm will be. A better circadian rhythm means a better balance of all biological processes.
  • A better sleep is 10pm-6am as  opposed to 2am-10am both a full eight hours of goodness but the latter is not highly recommended.

In conclusion sleep is essential! yall get that right?!  If you cannot get the amount of required sleep a night, to try rearrange your schedule to get a full night at least one night a week. And when you have those super long draining days, sneak a nap in- a 30 minute snooze can completely re-energize you for several hours.

Sweet Dreams


-Get There.


2 thoughts on “Why Getting Those zZzzZz Really Makes a Difference!

  1. Ashley

    This is great news! I love sleeping! But seriously though I do try to get 6-8 hours per night even though that can be sort of difficult to manage. It’s great motivation to see what kind of benefits all the sleeping has!


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