Quick Lower Leg Workout Circuit


I wanted to make a workout for the lower body; quads/hammys/glutes/calves. I wanted to fatigue those muscles, more specific do it until proper form could no longer be sustained. Working on toning the legs. It’s real quick, but it gets the job done. Yall will feel great after 🙂

Warm Up First yall!!- 50 Jumping Jacks

Here’s the circuit:

  • Lunges- at least 30 secs
  • Squats-at least 30 secs
  • Hip Raises-at least 30 secs
  • Leg extensions (w/ ankle weights- at least 30 secs
  • Dead Lifts-At least 30 secs
  • Knee Tuck Jumps10-13
  • Split Squat Jumps-8-12
  • Donkey Kicks-30 secs hold the last rep.
  • Wall Sits-90 secs

Cardio for 2 mins: either running up & down stairs, jumping rope, high knees etc

Rest for one minute. Then repeat entire circuit.

Do this circuit 2-3 times.

`Added intensity for the hip raises, place feet on a raised surface stability ball, chair etc.

`Added intensity for the donkey kicks- have a dumbbell held in your knee

`Added intensity for the wall sits, raise toes

Proper form is so important especially on the plyo jumps and dead lifts. We want no injuries!

Come on Baby let’s go!


-Get There.


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