Mentally I took a shower and had a spa day. [Running]

I’m a runner. Point blank to the period.  Let me put it like this, I’m a causal exercise runner. I don’t do  marathons or triathlons or 10Ks . Yes I do 5ks infrequently, I’ll probably start doing more and I plan to do the Dirty Girl, but I run because I like it – the way I feel after is absolutely refreshed.  I’ve decided even though hills are harder, I like the extra push I have to give myself going up. I like how I have to control going down so I’m not speeding. I’ll do a hill over flat terrain ANY DAY! (side note: *basic quote 101* no pain, no gain)

It’s like I can feel little endorphins releasing, and I’m always saying to myself WHOA BUDDY!! this feels tot-tally awesooooome!! I just want to stop right there in the middle of my stride and just act a fool ( twerk a little, stare at myself in the car windows… just anything I shouldn’t do in public) This is what goes through my head: Shall I stop? I mean yea I feel the burn, I’m sweating the workout is done (devil Jord) but I’m enjoying it to much, I feel great, I look great, there’s no reason to stop! I have about 15 more mins I can bang out Come on Baby Let’s Go! (angel Jord)  depending on the day I could cool down or bang out another round of everything.

Where I run it’s steps and places for me to do my high knee jumps.  (For those readers in Philadelphia, I’m talking about Lloyd Hall, Water works and that area.)

Today I had a pretty annoying && draining day at work.  Then during lunch I had a phone interview that went great (yippie!) but the in person interview is gonna be hella hard (cue the cortisol..the stress is rising)  I get home and get throw more negative drama that is inescapable ( at this point emotions are high)  and lastly, I was late getting to a client and the LAWD knows I’m all about punctuality (so that just put me through the roof) After the client, I went and ran and it was only a quick 20 mins run/workout, but I felt amazing by the time I finished. Yes the stresses of life everything didn’t go away, but the way I think about approaching things are different and not as tense, I’m not as easily frustrated. Mentally I took a shower and had a spa day. That’s how a run feels.

Frustrated go on a run. uncertain go on a run. upset go on a run. then feel refreshed.- You Better Run Girl!!!!!!  —note to myself to never forget.

Go on. Take that  mental shower.


Get There.


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