Working Out While Doing Chores Pt. 1

I’ve received this question quite a lot and then again most recently as a question on my survey.

(Honestly guys, no lies) I’ve been racking my brain thinking about how to intertwine the two because it would be an excellent way to workout. While getting all your chores done somehow incorporate fitness. But I KID yall not…I’ve been struggling, but have no fear I’ve come up with solution…at least for the legs.

ANKLE WEIGHTS! duh right!?!?!

My weights are 5lbs each. I usually do activities that are oscillating between upstairs and downstairs.  Swift upstairs, then down the steps, last downstairs.  I’ll find some papers to shed  upstairs, run downstairs shred them. Head to the basement and throw in a load of laundry, run back upstairs make my bed etc. Basically I’m trying to keep moving for the entire time that doing any chores.

Now if I am stationary (let’s say cleaning a wall or washing dishes) I’ll do butt kicks (for the hammys) or lateral leg lifts or leg extensions. Also, instead of  walking to the next room, you could do high knees there lunge or squat or duck walk there.

Wear high socks ( not ankle socks) so the weights don’t bother your skin and get to cleaning && de-cluttering! go go go!

Anybody else has any suggestions for working out while doing chores? Please share! I will think on some more && share.

Get There.



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