Let’s Talk Water!

Yup! It’s all about that good ole handy, no taste, I-don’t-want-it, but-it’s so beneficial to me drink.


I’m a huge on again off again drinker. And I know I should always be ON, but yall..sometimes it’s rough out here to get those ounces all in. It seems like the busier I am the more conscious I am that I need to be sipping consistently.

SO let’s talk H2O. This drink is HELLA IMPORTANT FOR EVERYTHING!  *fin-drops mic & walks away* 

Nah,  but seriously: 60-70% of your body weight is water and it’s needed for vital tasks that are important to your LIFE! do I really need to go on? yea okay I will such has nourishing cells, lubricating joints, cushions an unborn baby awww. Plus assisting in many more bodily functions.

There recommendations out about the amount of water you should drink daily are plenty && quite confusions & contradicting if you ask me.

This is what I suggest: the recommended daily of fluids should be 64oz. that’s the 8 by 8 rule. But I say drink 60% of your body..I mean think about-your body is 60% water so why not? As a minimum I’m saying!!  For me about 110lbs 60% is 66 oz of water. Currently I try to do 70 oz a day. 60-62oz of water. and 8-10oz of tea in the evening.  This varies greatly…sometimes it’s 50 oz && other days it’s 80 oz. I’m trying to become consistent..in the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing MUUUUCH better thanks to my Brita Water Bottle. I know they say putting orange or cucumbers in water is sooo refreshing and blah blah blah but  I haven’t gotten to that point yet.  One step at a time!

So let’s talk water! How much do you drink daily? what’s your aqua goal? What else?

Talk with yall soon!


Get There.


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