Going Green by Drinking Blue.

I have always hated tap water. At restaurants I want to get so diva when I request water: the taste of it. Knowing where it’s been, what it has been through-just every thing about tap water can go *as beyonce made famous* to the left, to the left.

Now in school, one of my good friends had the huge Brita jug and she used that to fulfill her h2o requirements…me on the other hand got the 16.9oz  bottles from Sam’s Club.  She constantly pushed me to use Brita but  my response was something along the lines of *sucks teeth- ohellnaw I don’t DO purified tap. Brita  Dasani. Fuji. whatever. I’ll take my deer park thank you!*   I knew that my carbon foot print was hella high just for the simple fact that I was using a ton of bottle per month/ per week/ per DAY! but it really didn’t matter.

In late March, I received the Brita 20 oz water bottle. Now in Early March I was on my whole…I wanna drink 70 oz of water/day kick.  I’m not gonna lie, I was failing, but I was trying! I think I was getting close to 50 oz a day. But at my job I didn’t like filling up my bottle with the water fountain.  With the Brita bottle I feel waaay better about drinking. I can fill it up anywhere, it’s super convenient .

It has a built in filter (obviously) and super environmentally friendly, one bottle replaces I think  300. You have to replace the filter every 2 months or 20 gallons.

So in conclusion…I REALLY REALLY love this bottle. Great for exercising…good to carry and now there should be no reason not to get your recommended amount of water in.

I’m saving the world yall!!!


-Get There.


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