Diary of a CSCS Studier.

Hey everybody!

The last few posts have had little to do with fitness and more with nutrition, but fitness is my heart & soul so I’m getting back to it.

These days I’ve been studying for CSCS exam [certified strength & conditioning specialist]  I first started back in the  summer..In July, but realized the test and all the material I would need to know was a bit overwhelming & plus i was kinda broke & everything is $$$ – The test was Dec.3, 2011. So After studying the first 10 chaps I stopped and switched to studying for my CPT. Now the first 10 chaps of the CSCS book is the majority of the CPT exam so that transition actually worked out.

Now that I started studying again for the CSCS I began with Section 3: Exercise Techniques which is 36 % of the exam and Section 4 Program Design which is veeeeery crucial for the test.

So yall!-the information that I’m studying I find very very useful & interesting ++ the sporty nerd in me loves it. I’ll be sharing this info..not only will it be another means of studying but for all my athletes && serious fitness people this should definitely help. I know depending on my clients goals the workout differs (as it definitely should!!!!!)

So keep watch && I’ll be back later with some resistance training info!!

PS: if anybody is studying or recently took their exam PLEEASE give me some tips! or your old study material! haha! let me know! 😀

-Get There!




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