Black Girls/Women are Running…in Philly!

Hey Folks!

I recently went to the salon to get my hair twisted, the lady doing my hair knew my athletic background && interest in fitness. She suggested that I join/look into Black Girls Run. I had NO idea there was a local chapter. I mean YES of course I’ve heard of BGR, but never ever considered they were local. -_-  So I checked out the website && learned they communicate almost solely via facebook. I joined the Philly group && was very pleased to find how organized && friendly the members were.

Officially I haven’t started running with them at the designated time (I’m still doing my own thing) just because of my schedule && a lot of changes happening, but within the next 2 weeks I plan on starting. They meet all over the city, and although I feel like I’ll be one of the younger members, it’ll be good to meet successful black women dedicating their lives to being more healthy && fit. Maybe….just maybe I’ll finally find a mentor 😀 *wishful thinking*

The next biggest local running event is the Broad Street Run(10 miles) I know it’s a bunch of ladies participating! Best of luck to all!! && for those congregating at Enon tomorrow evening Hiiii!! I hope you like the service. (that’s my church home.) I won’t be there..Enon’s track & field team has our first track meet..I’ll be there all. day. looong.

I’m excited. I hope yall can tell!

See yall later on!

-Get There!



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