Bernard Lagat vs Patrick Willis

Or I could  say: Floyd Mayweather Vs Lance Armstrong.  But I’m technically talking about Muscle Strength/Power vs  Muscle Endurance. I’m just using these athletes because they are professional and visually their body types demonstrate the difference in their training regimen.

To be put simply, you train for muscle strength if you want to get stronger or if you want to be able to lift heavier. How much can you lift?  It is the force you can lift against a load.  On the contrary, POWER has to do more with speed, so you’re exerting force over a short time.  Do yall understand? Power, unlike strength, has a velocity, or time component. Therefore, power exercises are done quickly and you’re still using the maximum force. For these exercises you use more weight and few reps.

On the other hand when training for muscular endurance you’re training to get more stamina and you’ll be able to do whatever activity/exercise without getting tired so quickly. Lower weight, but longer reps.

Since these components of fitness are so drastically different, yes of course your workouts will be different depending on which what you want to improve. It’s dependent on the athlete/exerciser && for the athletes another major factor is if you’re in season/post or pre season…that determines frequency.  If you are new to lifting or it’s your first resistance training program then they way you train will also be different than if you’re advanced.

Here a chart to help with reps/sets/ rest etc

Power Strength Endurance
Reps 1-5 Less than 6 More than 12
Sets 3-5 2-6 2-3
Rest (mins) 2-5 2-5 Less than 30
Load (weight)** 80-90% More 85% Less 67%

** The load or weight is going to be a percent of the highest amount you can lift..also called your 1RM.

Increasing your strength doesn’t always mean increasing your power. So training is slightly different, but as you can see it doesn’t differ that much.

Lance Armstrong has won The Tour de France 7 times. The course  is over 2,000 miles. SO HECK YES  muscular endurance more than power & strength is a must!

Patrick Willis is a linebacker (one of my fav athletes too!) for the 49ers a position that requires both strength & power.

Bernard Lagat is a middle & distance runner. He runs the 1500m up to the 5000m. So he needs more endurance, but strength too, especially for that kick to finish strong.

Floyd Mayweather is a boxer…currently 43-0 in his career. Needs power & strength, but also endurance especially if the fight lasts for all the rounds.

You hardly ever train SOLELY for one, well maybe if you’re a power lifter competing, but vary it.

Get There.



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