“But there’s no time left to work out!” Yeaa okaaay….

To be honest, that excuse is complete garbage. It’s weak and it’s easy.

On my survey I conducted before starting this blog, I asked, “What aspect of fitness do you struggle with?” the NUMBER one response with 80% was being consistent once starting (and the next response was) was finding time to exercise.

Nothing about those responses surprised me. At ALL.  But I will say, it made me really think how I managed to stay consistent through my 4 years at school & how I advise others to add fitness into their weekly schedule.

In school, specifically my senior year, I found that I had a gap in classes between/around 1-3 pm. Not every day, but pretty often. With the gym on my campus opening at 11am and closing at 11pm, I was able to plan how I would attack this issue. I literally put in my schedule a gym time. That schedule would then be posted on the wall so I wouldn’t forget…maybe ignore but not forget. (most modern people use their phones) I would ask my friends to join me, but rarely would they. It usually became “me time” Also, on Friday afternoons I signed up for a class at the rec center that was a high intensity 30 minute class. I loved it. No matter what I would attend that class 1) it was my own $$ 2) It helped focus me. I wanted to do this class and stick to it–&& I did.

To say this bluntly, you have to make an effort. Yes at first it’ll feel like you’re forcing yourself, but overtime you will come to enjoy this quality time with yourself or others.

  • Find out what time of the day works well. Many find that the morning is their favorite, while other options could be during lunch, in the evening before or after dinner. I find my favorite time to work out on the weekdays differs from times on the weekends, but I still leave time to work out.
  • VARY!!!! your activities. I cannot stress this enough. Choose some activities you like, some you’re never done before and others that are challenging. You do not want to become bored with your routine. That will definitely cause you hit a plateau and the positive changes you once saw will slowly decrease plus you will get sick of doing the same thing every.single.day.  There’s so much you can do to get a workout in, be open, try new things and you may fall in love with…well who knows!!
  • Solo or dolo? Do you HAVE to, with no questions asked, have a partner or be with a group? OR do you mind being alone? Knowing these things about you will help significantly and have an impact on which activities you do.

If you are looking to add fitness into your schedule, just do it- sorry to quote Nike, but that’s the reality of the situation.  Whether it’s 30 mins/20 mins/ 10 minutes here and there/an hour do it a few days per week.

Put it into your schedule and stick to it.

I promise you will not regret it.


-Get There.


2 thoughts on ““But there’s no time left to work out!” Yeaa okaaay….

  1. My Faith and Fitness

    Finding time to exercise was a major issue for me and my husband. After some research, we found a gym that is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday. That schedule has been a blessing for us!


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