Friday’s Fury: Shut up & Squat

Squats can do no wrong. Your lower body will thank you for doing these. Having weights isn’t required. You have your body weight that can easily be enough. You got your full squats, half & quarter squats, curtsey & goblet squat ++ many many more.

The most important aspect when squatting is FORM & Technique. You for sure do not want get injured because your form was incorrect.

  • Knees should be as close to being directly over your ankles as possible. If you can see your toes you’re good, If your knees block the vision of your toes…incorrect.
  • No additional curves in your back, keep it flat.

I tell my clients when they are struggling, put more pressure in your heels & also  think if someone was pulling your hips back. You’ll be off balance at first, but in due time you’ll get it and form will no longer be an issue

Adding squats into any workout routine is beneficial. While watching tv do 3 sets of 15. Up the intensity with some weights or different  type of squat combos.

Just do it, you’ll see results. You’ll like it…or not. But your legs will look good…that’s a fact.

Left: Incorrect:
Right: Correct

Get There!


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