Mrs. Obama + Fitness=Best Combination Ever

I have always been a fan of Mrs. Michelle Obama, from the very beginning. I’m serious!! I never hopped on the bandwagon probably because I started it!

What made me sit down and realize her mission for fitness and lowering childhood obesity wasn’t a fad was the Beyonce’ Let’s-Move video. As much as you may hate to admit it, Beyonce has major influence on today’s youth and teaming up with her was definitely a positive power move.

In my senior year I had to choose a topic for my final paper entitled “Resistance Training as a Way to Combat Childhood Obesity” I researched the Let’s Move Campaign closely as well as the NFL Play 60 campaign, Food Fit Philly and Campbell Soup Anti-Obesity program in Philadelphia & Camden respectively.  I was overloaded with information regarding everyone’s quest to stop this exponential upward trend of childhood obesity.  Those 4 were great programs!

I like the Let’s Move Campaign because you are constantly seeing M. Obama outside of the White House interacting with students whether it be in a garden talking about nutrition and planting veggies or somewhere participating in a physical activity.  She goes on popular television shows to promote her initiatives and her visibility has not decreased throughout out these last 4 years.  Although ending childhood obesity in one generation will not happen, major precautions are being taken and more & more people understand why this is an epidemic.  The website is easy to navigate and the information provided is abundant.  She has information for kids, parents, schools and more.

If I had to choose one person who would do the best when it comes to getting America healthier I would not have chosen any differently! The first lady is doing her thing! Most recently The First Lady made a surprise appearance on Live with Kelly && jumped double dutch.  There are many other reason why I feel like the FLOTUS + Fitness  = THE BEST COMBO EVER, but her passion for doing this is real, and when you get passionate about something everyone can see it and you don’t mind working because you love it! I understand there are so many individual organizations, foundations etc with the same goals as her, but she has so much power and influence in the USA and all over, her drive is very influential and I appreciate her hard work && dedication for this issue.

Let’s Move Website! 




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