Friday’s Fury: I have no Fury

Right now It’s really no fury in me, so I can’t write about a fury 😦

I’ll be bothered next week about something I’m sure. Don’t worry.

This morning I went to the 5:30 meet up with Black Girls Run: Philly.  I got up early about 4:30. Had a breakfast bar, water && sipped gatorade.  At 5am it was already almost 85 degrees && the humidity level was more than 70%.  I did 3 miles, some did more, some less than three. But this felt different than the last time I ran for a few of reasons:

  1. I had my jams with me.
  2. I paced myself from the start.
  3. I had a bad diet day yesterday && really wanted to do this.

Music when working out out especially running has may precautions, the main one being safety. Sometimes I’m good not to have music. I just workout doing other stuff or just really get in-tuned with what’s going on. But this morning my songs definitely helped.

Last time I did the run, I started way toooo fast, caught a cramp at about mile 2. This time I knew how I should be feeling, what to expect. I started at a comfortable pace, knowing if I needed to, I could kick it up in the last 1/2-1/4 mile which is what I ended up doing and it worked fine.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area you really should come out. I know the weekdays are 5:30 am, but your day starts of sooooooooooooooo good. The company is great. You feel good. Your body will like you (maybe.) It’s a win-win-win. [ and if you live in other cities, check to see if BGR is local and head out there]

5:30! I’m with gold-top/black-bottoms.

Get There!


PS: Stay hydrated in this heatwave. Drink at least 64 oz of water, and that’s the minimum.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fury: I have no Fury

  1. thecurvyroadrunner

    look at you go!!! im so glad you joined them and are loving it! 🙂 i love the ladies of BGR! Philly! the next time i come home i definitely want to make my way out to a run with them.


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