Healthy Hydration Tips

Water/Coconut Water/Crystal Light

Let’s be honest, it has been hella hot since the week before summer (I’m in Philly) and these days the heat index is not dropping. Yep, you’ll get a rainy day or 2, then the temps are back up to blazing degrees. I am, by NO means, complaining about the weather, it is summer & I expected this.

With the increase in temperature, I sweat way more. I sweat cleaning, cooking, walking to the car, driving, etc it seems like everything elicits a bodily response — sweat && since I don’t particularly enjoy the AC I’m OKAY with sweating and drinking lots of water to stay cool. The problem arises when I no longer want just ice cold water; when I need something else that will quench my thirst and at the same time it’s healthy.

There seems to be a plethora of posts about this subject matter, how to get enough fluids into your body, ways to spice up your drinks yadda yadda, so I wanna jump on in.

  • I don’t do everything I’m about to say such as drinking coconut water simply because my taste buds haven’t adjusted to the taste yet. With that being said, I’ve tried it several times..I HAVE TRIED IT SEVERAL TIMES I didn’t just  say no && I will be trying it later on. There are health benefits of drinking this after you exercise It’s like the super duper healthy cousin of sports drinks that isn’t quite popular, but everybody sees it’s potential.
  • Adding fruit to your water. I’ll add some blueberries, small chunks of pineapple, lemon etc, it adds some flavor ad changes the dynamics of the drink. I do this…I like it.
  • Adding veggies?? I have yet to do this. I’ve heard adding a slice of cucumber is both cool and refreshing. 0.O  I don’t know how adding a pepper or carrot or a leaf of lettuce would be. You try it && please let me know.
  • A couple sips of Gatorade or some other sports drink, ONLY after I’ve worked out and I know I have to replenish my electrolyte level. I don’t drink this normally because the sugar content is tooooo high.
  • I was in Whole Foods and saw a representative from VEGA they seem to have great healthy options for pre/post exercise drinks & snacks. I was very pleased by their product.
  • I think I’ll go as far as to say…try some sparkling or flavored water. My coworkers who are drinking almost solely water have added Crystal Light to their water and they love it. I’ve never done it and maybe I’ll try it. It always so much speculation when it comes to using artificial sweeteners. Carbonated Water doesn’t seem to be my thing either, but drinking it isn’t bad for you. It is simply water infused with carbon dioxide.

Adding a little pop to your water regularly scheduled boring water seems to be the best way to keep yourself healthily hydrated this summer.

I still want to find out what you all are drinking this summer so let me know and I’ll try them out!!

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One thought on “Healthy Hydration Tips

  1. janeanedavis

    There is nothing like ice cold water with ice! I have tried thin cucumber slices in a pitcher of ice water and it tastes very clean and fresh, I like it. I have been dropping a little pomegranate flavor in my water for the past three months and it does make me drink more water.


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