Friday’s Fury: Knowing But Still Not Doing.

As a trainer, this is the elephant in the room, we like to sugar coat it && guide our clients gently, but if you want to see results and you KNOW what to do-then do it. Point Blank. Whether you’ve been told by a trainer, done thorough research on your own or had another reliable source tell you-you officially know the basics of what to do. In this case I’m talking about nutrition + fitness & their dependence on each other to lose weight, maintain the weight or even gain weight/muscle.

Constantly, I tell clients & friends, record everything you eat & drink for a few days so you can visualize && understand how much you’re eating and drinking everyday and how that affects your health & impacts your weight. Then you can adjust accordingly and gradually. Seeing as though diet is a major factor, more so than exercise, I think caring and making a conscious effort to do better with your eating habits are important. Don’t you think so?? The errors and frustrations occur when weight isn’t getting lost even though there is a strict exercise regimen. That is almost solely diet related.

My point (in short because lawd I could go on) is, if you know what you have to do and although it may be difficult, you will always have some type of support. (I WILL BE SUPPORTER #1 BABY!) You will get results, slow & steadfast is great do not get discouraged.  With results whether they are inches, pounds or muscle gained you’ll feel better. Yes, it is a lifestyle change && it will not be easy, but challenge yourself to take it to the next level. If you know what to do, do it. Getting that extra push is great, but doing it on your own is even better. Don’t be scared.

I believe in you. You better not forget.

Get THERE!-where ever there is.


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