Saturday’s Suggestion: Add Calisthenics

I never realized how important calisthenics were. I never realized how often I incorporate them into my fitness routines for myself and my clients. I never realized how often I suggest to do calisthenics. Well that’s because I never knew the definition of calisthenics.

Calisthenics- Exercises usually done without equipment, often simple yet rhythmical used to increase body strength and flexibility. Body weight is the “resistance”

Let me throw out some of these calisthenic exercises:

  • Lunges (my fav ♥)
  • Dips (I am not a fan)
  • Sit ups/ Push Ups/ Chin Ups/Pull Ups
  • Squats ( my fav toooo ♥)
  • Mountain Climbers ( these are awesome)
  • Jumping Jacks

Just to name a few.

These exercises can be done ANYWHERE! In your bedroom, living room, out in a park, at a gym etc. Many people avoid going the gym for various reasons, others would rather workout at home  which is completely understandable! I love to workout at home so let me give you a suggestion of a quick workout:  8-15 reps of the dips/squats/lunges (per leg) /pushups. For the jumping jacks…DO THESE FIRST: 35-50. For the sit-ups- try to get 20. Mountain Climbers-15 each leg  If you can do the chin or pull-ups do as many as you can!!!

That’s one set: do 2-3 sets.

Yes you can use weight to challenge yourself and bump up the intensity.Also,adjust the reps, if you’re an amateur athlete and can do more, do more. If you know you aren’t capable of doing 20 sit-ups..aim for 7-10.

BUT I’m really serious…this post is over. So just turn some music on and do this workout right now!!! There is absolutely no reason you have to NOT do it!

Anybody else a fan of calisthenics? Talk to me!




Tuck your feet under your couch and go.



3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Suggestion: Add Calisthenics

  1. Big B

    Hey O’ M10,

    Just wanted to give you a shout out for your praise of Calisthenics. It’s my personal preference with regards to working out. Not only for the strength gains, but also for the convenience, and most importantly joint health.

    Since I’ve started my knee’s flexibility, and strength have increased exponentially! Check out my blog sometime, I log all my exercises and ( of course ) they’re all calisthenics!


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