Wait…Getting Proper Running Sneaks Really Works? Whaat?!!

Hi Folks!!

I know you’ve heard that if you’re having ankle, knee, hip && even back pains it can be linked to the type of sneakers you wear when you workout, especially when you run. Yes? Okay. Good you’ve heard something along the lines of this too!

Now listen to my testimony. So as you all know, I run about 3 miles twice a week. When I first started running my right knee and whole lower back would be in constant pain for a couple of days. Not horrible, excruciating, life stopping, plan canceling pains, just annoying ugh I should ice and ugh there’s some stairs pain. My senior year in high school I rolled my ankle triple jumping and it has never been right since, but that’s another issue that might be    && probably is related. So I had 2 pairs of “running” sneaks. A Nike && an Adidas pair- both great. Both waay more than 6 month old. I used these sneaks for everything; running. workouts, training my clients, tennis etc- everything. I didn’t have a specific running shoe.

A couple of weeks ago my back was really bothering me more than usually after I did a faster 3 mile the day before, but I still didn’t change anything. The first weekend in July I took a trip to Nordstrom’s Rack. I didn’t go in to buy anything, but I saw some sneakers and decided they were worth a new purchase. I got the Asics Gel-Frantic 6 shoe. I pretty much LOVE them.

When I first went on a run my knee started to hurt during the run, but I figured it was adjusting to the new shoe & wouldn’t last. I was right. After my run my back & knees felt fine. I can tell that they absorb shock different than my other two sneaks. They are comfortable. Stylish and have done wonders for how my body feels. Now I still have my other two pairs of sneaks, but I ONLY use the Asics for running, NOTHING ELSE! By the way, they were a great price $39.00 I believe. Marked down a whole bunch I think more than $40.

I mean, yes I knew that proper sneakers make a difference, but SHEEESH I never realized how MUCH of a difference.

So for all you runners && avid workout-ers. GET NEW SNEAKS about every 300 miles or every few months. You’re body will definitely tell you when you need to get new sneakers. Don’t fight it. Don’t compromise! They don’t have to be hella expensive to get the job done and your body will be so appreciative. Proper alignment & biomechanics are really important to prevent pains!!!!!

But If you have any running sneaker suggestion Please post here! I want to get one more pair of sneaks in the next month.

Get There!



3 thoughts on “Wait…Getting Proper Running Sneaks Really Works? Whaat?!!

  1. arieswym

    If you’re new to running or have never done it go to a specialty running store and get measured. They’ll look at you run, your arch, etc and tell you what type of support you need in a running shoe and what brands/designs work best for your foot.

    If you don’t know or have a running store near you another good option is the expos that they have before a big race, especially marathons, in the convention center of your city.

    If you can’t get to a store, here’s a online version from Runner’s World that’s helpful: http://www.runnersworld.com/shoeadvisor There’s also a running store finder on the page.


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