What Can We Learn from Olympians?

My entire life equilibrium has been thrown off simply because the Olympics is on from 7am until Midnight everyday. Here I am with all this to do everyday, and then that 8pm-12 session comes on && I’m hooked for 4 hours and my whole night is shot.

2012, contrast to 2008, I have been watching every sport- literally everything they televise I’ve seen. Water polo. equestrian. white water kayak, archery, judo, boxing, handball, etc

There are a couple of character traits that I see in all athletes from every country which needs to be talked about: Determination and Perseverance. These people are hard frickin workers. There’s something that is constantly restoring my faith to work hard now when trying to set a strong foundation for the Tenth Muse. It could be a sermon at church, a talk with my best friend, a news story or motivational speech- something weekly that keep me working at it. But this year I’m saying my main source of inspiration is the Olympics. I say to myself-whoa! these are the top and most elite athletes in the world. They’ve worked extremely hard day in & day out. This has been a journey with several obstacles to surmount. I don’t think I’ve heard a story about an athlete with a perfect, easy trip to London. There were losses and the pain of the agony of defeat. But the athletes came back. They handled the pain & hurt to keep training. Did they give up? Maybe for a week or month, but they physically and mentally took it to the next level.

I’m not talking just about the medal winners either. This is about the 5th, 18th && 34th placers. They may not have medaled, but they are 18th in the world of thousand doing the same sport. That, in itself, is a huge and great accomplishment.  Many of these  athletes come back to compete again and again. Whether they are 15 or 44, their work ethic needs to be commended && recognized.  As much as I love these games, I see them as more than competitions between countries. I see the Olympics as an extraordinary event filled with people who had a goal & had a dream and worked tirelessly, shed many tears, had many successes just to get to the opening ceremonies.  They GOT THERE!

So now it’s your, mines, our time to Get There.

What can we learn from the Olympians? the journey ain’t easy, but never give up.

Gabrielle Douglas winner of the all around & team goal medal in gymnast stated

Hard days are the best, that’s when champions are made.

I agree. Sunshine & no rain make a desert, I’ll take a few storms.



1 thought on “What Can We Learn from Olympians?

  1. Janeane Davis

    Great attitude. What I like about the Olympics is that the best compete against the best and even if you are 32nd in the world, you are freaking 32nd in the WORLD. Whatever we do,we need to do our best every time. Great attitude in your post.


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