What is High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]?

What is it? Vigorous exercise for a short period of time followed by a short active recovery period.  Usually it is cardio infused with other activities…that’s how I make up my HIIT workouts….well that is how I make up my workouts.

Pros– Burns more calories in less time / full body workout/ burns more calories throughout the day.

Cons– Harder workout

[update 7/22/14] If anybody is looking infuse cardio into their strength training or looking for an effective way to lose weight and not muscle HIIT is definitely a top option .

I am really an advocate to add this in your training regimen. This will help you to not plateau & keep your workouts fresh and exciting.  I keep the HIIT sessions between 20-45 minutes. Keep ’em short. Keep ’em intense. They can be done at the gym, park, on the track,  in your house…basically anywhere. Start doing an HIIT workout one day a week, work your way up to 3 days a week.

The main caution I have for this is to be safe. You’re doing a harder workout and technique is so important. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, don’t kill yourself.  Focus, work hard for your HIIT session and you will see benefits.

Next Post: I’ll put up the HIIT workout I made for a client.

HIIT would be at the very bottom with circuit training.

Get There.


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