Food Journaling

I encourage all my clients, friends && anyone that enlists my help, especially when he/she wants to lose weight, to keep a food journal. Simply put, a food journal is a record of everything you eat and drink for 3-7 day (Also any medications.) In the journal you’ll approximate the portions. The main thing is to be honest && write down all intake of calories.

I like this because it allows me to evaluate what you are doing correct & incorrectly. Then I can make a plan to gradually change it. You can see what you are really putting into your body, often you might not realize what or how much you are eating and drinking.

Make sure you get one weekend day in your journal because how you eat Monday-Friday is different than Saturday & Sunday.

Even if nobody looks over it and you document your intake, you can see what you are doing and possibly change. I really encourage everyone to at least try documenting what you eat, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot and realize you need to change quite a few aspects. Doing this could easily be the first step to getting your healthy on and transforming yourself into a healthier you!! (after you decide you are ready && motivated to change of course.)

Would you ever keep a food journal? Do you like the concept behind keeping one?

Get There.


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