Exercising with Resistance Bands

I’ve grown, very quickly, to love resistance bands. I’ve incorporated them with my clients and for my own routines. At first I rarely used them even though I had them, but I now realize the value of them. I’m just going to explain a few reasons why I recommend purchasing one.

  • You can set up a resistance band anywhere. Hook it in between your closet hinges, go outside and use a fence, step on it anywhere and get some resistance.
  • Little explanation on how to use them. You chose the resistance because you are in control of the resistance! Yes you can control machine & free weights, but this is a fool proof way to keep you safe. Up the ante if you want, lessen the ante if you want. Move closer to get less resistance and step farther way to get more. As long as your technique is good there is little else to worry about. (maybe in the beginning you may fumble with how to use them, but you’ll catch on quick. I promise!!)
  • They could be expensive, but I’ve seen resistance bands that are around $12.  You could go to a superstore like Targert or a sporting goods store and find one.
  • You work out every muscle. Honestly! You can get a full session in using this band for everything: Upper body muscles, Lower body muscles and even your abs && core.
  • Good for college students (although most colleges have their on recreation center for your use for free) GREAT for parents-mothers & fathers alike. Great if you are short on time, but you want to have a moderate-vigorous workout. Awesome for athletes and non-athletes. Great for workers who are often traveling. They are easy to pack & carry. Overall they are just great & I suggest buying one and using it! haha. don’t let let collect dust!

People sleep on resistance bands because they’re not dumb bells and that visible weight, but because you are using your own weight, you are adding variety to your workout therefore confusing your muscles so you won’t hit your plateau and for any fitness level they can easily be used. Great way to add 10 minutes of exercise into your life. Start at 10 minutes & who knows you might get to an hour!! Hey I’m just saying!! 🙂

I am thinking about making a (video) workout routine using resistance bands. I’m not sure yet, if you really would like to see one please let me know I’d definitely do one then.

It was fun. outside. except for those mosquitoes. but still good & quick

Get There.


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