The Official Twitter Page- @Tenth_Muse

Good Afternoon My Lovely Healthy Muses!  😀


This week I am stepping up my social media interactions. I believe it is vital for me to grow. The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus deserves a chance right?!

I have a twitter: @museologie. All my post go straight to that account. It’s my personal account. I tweet about health/fitness etc, but also sports, to friends, random thoughts etc.

For a while I’ve had the Tenth Muse account, but seriously I never used it. Welp. I’m starting….tomorrow!   I’ll tweet about fitness. Health. Healthcare.  Wellness. Diet. Prevention. Treatment. Sports Nutrition. Motivation. – Basically anything that embodies the mission of The Tenth Muse.

I’ll link (on my sidebar the Tenth Muse Fitness Plus’ twitter) with this blog. I’m excited. I know I have to push this brand and I plan to do it!

So if you have any questions or comments or you just want to come by and say hi or read one of the articles I tweet about come on through to @Tenth_Muse 

See yall there && we’ll chirp to each other!!

*Get There*


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