Motivation && Discipline

This is where everything started

Motivation”doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done when we want to do it.
Discipline “doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done when we don’t want to do it

I saw the above picture and definitions on tumblr, I liked it. I added it to my fitness facebook page. But then I reread it again and again and again. I started questioning whether I agreed. I am coming to the conclusion  that I don’t really agree with these definitions.

To me discipline is taking focusing to the next level, knowing their is an easier way left or right, but staying focused on the path straight ahead. Knowing where your faults and weaknesses are, but not ALWAYS succumbing. (sometimes you can stray & have some fun…) Discipline is the summit  of self-control. You can use discipline when you don’t or do want to do whatever task it is.  On the other hand, motivation is pushing yourself past being comfortable whether you want to do it or not.
Then on the other hand, my definitions change regarding somebody. Someone can look at your discipline and get motivation (or motivated) to change their own life. Someone can look at your motivation to keep going even though it is clear you’re struggling and that can change their lives.

I am very interested in your views of  motivation and discipline in regards to fitness, your nutrition, life, children, work etc. What are you definitions? Are they contextual?  Leave your thoughts!

Get There.


6 thoughts on “Motivation && Discipline

  1. @SheldaRaymonvil

    I think motivation involves the uses of outside influences. In regards to fitness, I use Angela Bassett’s body as my motivation. It influences me to workout so my body can be somewhat as fit as her’s (I’m being realistic when I say that).

    Discipline for me involves strict scheduling. In order for me to have a flat stomach, I need to cut out the junk food and sodas, incorporate vegetables and less fattening foods, and complete at least 50 sit ups every other day along with at least 45 minutes of cardio 4x times a week (this is just an example).

    I think both discipline and motivation is needed to achieve any fitness goals!


  2. melisasource

    Oh wow– I agree with you wholeheartedly on your views of motivation and discipline as it relates to fitness, especially the “knowing there’s an easier way left or right but staying focused straight ahead” — this is so very true because with fitness it can be easy to drift towards the ‘easier ways’. I agree with how you define motivation too–pushing yourself–that really does sum it up! ~thanks for sharing!

  3. Kesha Brown

    I think Motivation is about feelings and being inspired while Discipline is about action and persistence. They often go hand in hand and I will even venture to say that both are needed to create results a whole lot faster! One without the other may not result in movement. 🙂

  4. DjRelAt7

    Discipline is definitely focusing on a particular goal, namely fitness; but more times than not it is not something you want to do. For example right now I lack the discipline to exercise like I should to get the results I want.

    Motivation has to come from within, you can see, read, listen to a ton of “motivational” messages, but if you don’t connect with it, if you’re not ready to take it in, it won’t make a lick of difference.

  5. Museologie Post author

    Thanks for your views ladies. It was something I’ve been thinking about && since I’ve started coaching again knowing the difference && explaining them could help me and the kids.


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