Why Do You Run?

Seriously yall…why?

BGR Thursday 5:30am meetup

Yesterday morning I went for my weekly 3 mile run. One of the group leaders asked if I was participating in the 10k/Half-Marathon taking place in Trenton (NJ) next month. I told her probably not and she proceeded to tell me how great it would be since BGR is planning to ” take Trenton over” and all of the perks that have been given to BGR. I am sooo sure it’s gonna be awesome. Already over 100+ of the Philly group has signed up and they are pumped about it on facebook. I told her I would think about it and seriously consider it. As I went off on my 3 miles I had a few thoughts milling around in my head: 1- Could I do 6.2 miles? 2-Why am I so opposed to running races? 3- why is running so popular?

1- Yes of course I could do 6.2 miles. I did 5 miles accidentally on Labor Day and I wasn’t dying when I was moving or overly sore the next day. I would pump up my training. 4 miles to start then creep my way up to 4.5, 5, 5.5 and then six miles. that .2 just gotta be heart and soul. (Mind you I’m making up this plan while  running.)  So yea I could accomplish the 10k task.

2- I run for the cardio/aerobic aspect. I like varying my workouts and  this is such a welcome switch from the strength workouts I do.  Would I get any sort of self fulfillment out of completing a race? Naw man. Maybe if I was to win a tennis tournament yes, but a race no…no. Running now is so different from my track days.  I participate in 2 races a year- I run a 5k in Dec. at Rutgers…it’ll be my 5th year, it’s an annual thing and I won’t stop this one unless I’m out the Tri-State area. The second is a 4.5 mile walk/run sponsored by my church. Those are only 2 I participate in.  I’m thinking of a breast cancer event for the upcoming year, but I’m not sure. I’m not opposed to running for “bling”- medals,  I’m just not interested.

3- I have NO IDEA why running is so popular I’m asking yall!! In the last couple of years running, especially in women, has had succch a surge. I’m honestly baffled because running is soo hard on your joint and your body can really suffer. You run on cement (the worst surface) and it does long term harm to your body. I know you can get in shape and feel mentally better and blah blah all that trust me I know. But what about the side effects? What about possible long term damage?

Why I run: 1. Cardio. 2. Clear my mind/self- talk 3. Habit

Why do YOU run? Is it a thrill? A sense of pride or accomplishment when done a race? Let me know, maybe my mind will be less narrow.


5 thoughts on “Why Do You Run?

  1. LoveDesignLife

    I ran track in high school many years ago and I thought I would develop a life long love for it, but I did not. While I admire those who do it, like you, I just don’t feel driven. Now I do it to break up the monotony of working out. Now more than ever, I am concerned at the effects on the body, so while I hoped to bring you a new point of view, alas I am pretty much in the same mindset, but at least you have more support 🙂

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  3. Anonymous

    I run because I strongly believe there is nothing in the world that will get you in better condition for everything else you do. I played many sports but Track and field is my favorite. Running is the core for any sport or really any activity. So ( in regards to track and field) why not try to perfect the very thing almost everything is derived from…Just my thoughts…2016!!!!

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