Friday’s Fury: Childhood Obesity

Better yet childhood physical inactivity. The sedentary state of the youth.

These days I am writing a grant with the hopes to get funding to start a preschool fitness curriculum && get some funding for equipment for an after school program for k-6th grades.  As I’m writing I’m finding research & studies to support my paper.  There have been soo many studies that show active kids = perform better in school. Active kids= lower dosage of meds. Active kids = happier kids. Actually I made the last one up, but  there are many positive correlations that are revealed when children are active.

My fury  happens because children do not make decisions. Children may ask for phones, game systems, fast food, lollipops etc but parents can say NO. NO get your butt outside, NO call you cousins and go outside. No here are some grapes take a handful. NO we are going to the park. NO let’s head to the YMCA and sign up for a league. As a child I didn’t make that many decisions. Now at 22, I make almost every decision.  So with children being so sedentary, it’s not their fault! They make or they should be making few if any decisions!!!!!!

I’m upset because the future of America is going to be fat, lazy and won’t even care. There are countless programs that are here trying to combat this issue and epidemic, but all of the programs in the world won’t help if these kids go home and eat horribly, horribly as in fast food everyday or corner store food- and won’t get out and get active.

It’s a problem. It’s a serious problem.. INDEED!

Last week I baby sat my 4 year old cousin, we went out on my porch played soccer, played catch and just had fun for about 30-45 mins.  It wasn’t much, but it was something. She was excited and had fun!   && even though I am not a mother, I understand you might be reading asking “Well where am I going to find time in my schedule?!?” Time is there.  It honestly is.  If time really isn’t there…there are programs.

Here are some links will lead to articles which praise physical activity. Links lead to other links so explore.

I just want everybody to make an effort if you have family, family friends, neighbors or you know another young person, in a non-creepy way become an activity/fitness buddy..maybe you’ll become a mentor in the process.

Your thoughts on this issue?

Get There.


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