Counter Balance for Better Squat Technique

Hi yall! All my hurricane Sandy people stay indoors && safe.

Squats are so important to have in a workout. By doing squats you strengthen your glutes, hamstring and quads, also, you’re developing  && strengthen your core.  I am a huge fan of squats and the many variations.  The problem I find with people doing squats is the form.   — not keeping the chest up and open — knees coming over the toes — not relaxing (basically any part of the body)  The sitting down aspect is the most important and the most incorrectly done.

A great way to fix form is to have a counterbalance. Why have a counter balance? It shifts the load to reduce pressure in the wrong spots. It helps improves form giving you a better and possibly deeper squat.  You need to counter balance the action of your hip dropping.

I used  3 pound dumb bells and also a 12 pound med ball as my balance.  You start with the weight by your sides – relaxed. Then when you go down into your squat, bring the weight up it should help you sit back into the squat.

Personally: When it comes to sinking my hips down and having proper form in regards to the knees and feet, I’m great, but when it comes to keeping my chest open and elevated, I need work. It was pointed out to me by a friend  who watched a youtube video of mines, ever since then I’ve been making an effort to improve that area to make a better squat.

I hope this helps someone! Please have good squat technique getting injured while exercising is never ever fun!  Squats are a GREAT lower body exercise do not neglect your lower body and ladies It REALLY gives us a natural butt lift and beautifully sculpted legs!

Get There.


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