Friday’s Fury: It’s The Holidays & I Just Can’t

This Fury was done last minute. Why? Because I am in complete disbelief that Thursday is Thanksgiving. It just sneaked up on me. HELLO!? WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?   To me, Thanksgiving marks the official start to the holiday season….and I looooove the holiday season. I’m already giddy year round, so with Christmas songs and everybody in the “spirit” I’m just on cloud twenty-seven. For real yall.

 So this is my “Fury pertaining to this time of year.” I love to eat. Yall should know this. I LOVE to eat. When my family gets together it’s even more food and more dessert and more options. This happens Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years- 3 times in less than 2 months. && Don’t forget the leftovers! Often you’ll read in magazine about how to get over the holiday hump or Staying Motivated During the Holidays . I know it’s difficult because you have holiday parties at the office, friends have holiday gatherings and the liquor is flowing much more freely. Here are a few of my suggestions to keep you on track or as close to the track as possible:

The best thing to do is to make a schedule pertaining to your fitness availability. What you normally do from week to week will probably change with time off and late nights, but that should be no reason to stop you from working out. Don’t fill yourself with excuses because doing a 30 minute workout won’t affect your whole day’s schedule. If you can’t make it to the gym that is perfectly fine, your house or apartment or neighborhood will work great as a state of the art fitness facility.

The greatest obstacle that everyone has to overcome is not the fitness aspect, the eating is what changes. The eating goes from 0-10 in one meal. There are so many options and so much food you want to eat, but overeating and eating the wrong types of food can really set back your healthy lifestyle goals. I know this may be hard to do, but sometimes you just have to say no and walk away.

  • Say no to fried foods
  • Say no to multiple servings
  • So no to multiple glasses of alcohol

It’s easy to say okay eat in moderation, but it is truly hard. (for thanksgiving…) Wednesday & Friday eat light. If you know that you just won’t be able to control yourself on Thanksgiving or any other holiday, eat light for a day or 2 before and after.

The pies and especially the side dishes should be handled in moderation. Sides dishes will keep creeping up and then, bam! You’ll have eaten 4 servings of mac & cheese, potato salad and stuffing! And that… wayyyyyyy over the top!

Enjoy your holidays, make good decisions && stay healthy.


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