HIIT at Home – 1

Last Monday during my class, one of the ladies asked when should she start seeing results in her stomach areas. (side note: she’s small, it’s those few stubborn pounds that gotta go) I immediately replied that her diet has got to change. That’s a big issues because she is doing the cardio and core consistently. That  much is true, when it comes to these last few pounds that aren’t budging, YES look at your diet- assess and adjust.  BUT! for the next class I made a HIIT routine that was destined to rev up her metabolism and burn some calories and reduce the size of those fatty cells (because fat cells never go away they just shrink FYI!) – Oh folks, if you are confused about what is HIIT click here!  We love it over here at the Tenth Muse Fitness Plus!

Example of Oblique plank jumps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuKOzSi3Pgg

Short. Quick. Effective.  Let's Frickin Go!

Short. Quick. Effective.
Let’s Frickin Go!

Get There.


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