Music While Running? Yay or Nay?!

12/2/12 BGR Morning 4 mile run

12-2-12 BGR Morning 4 mile run w/ my MUSIC!

This Saturday I finally get to do my 5k. I plan on decreasing my time by hopefully 2+ minutes.  Earlier this year, my ipod nano was stolen and I’ve been using my mom’s shuffle when I run ( I use music when I went to the gym too, but I haven’t been in to a gym in months.) I plan on getting an itouch  so I can have access to all the apps and enough storage for all my jams (oh heyyy um… my birthday is in a few weeks soooooo in case you want to get me a itouch would be AWESOMEEE! :p)

(disclaimer: this is really how me & my moma talk to each other-it’s real love over here)

Last night I was telling my mom she can take her raggedy shuffle back because “don’t nobody want that!…but not until I come back from my 5k because I needs that.” She then went on about how *in her mom voice* “I DON’T listen to music when I’m running or working out. It’s not necessary and that’s what’s wrong with the society today!”  okay mom -__-  but I usually do need it. I need music to get me amped up to run, then to keep me motivated while getting my fit on and also to take my mind off of any pain or just to keep my mind busy. It hasn’t been a safety hazard either because I’m not blasting it && if I am outside I am aware of my surroundings.

I read (or learned in school) that distance runners do not run with music because it is a distraction. Since they are so in tuned with their body, they often do not train with music…interesting, but very plausible. I can workout with out music and it is a different experience, but I usually don’t.

Also, the music that I have in my workout playlist is absolutely ratchet. There is no denying it. If you were to listen to my “keep going” music your face would be like O_O but I’m sure you have some tunes that are suspect too!!

Do you listen to music when working out? Why or why not? Any benefits I’m missing out on while listening to music? If you have some favorite songs to workout to let me know! If I get enough I’ll make a playlist that I’ll share!

Get There.


6 thoughts on “Music While Running? Yay or Nay?!

  1. LoveDesignLife

    I don’t really listen as I want to be able to motivate myself to do what I have to do regardless of music or not. However, I am not opposed to it. To each his own 🙂

  2. thecurvyroadrunner

    I usually run with music, for the same reasons you menioned. I will also use musicto help set a good pace for myself when I’m running some of my playlists are set up with the most hype music in the middle and the calmer, slower music at the end when I’m supposed to be cooling down. I have run without music and still do at times. Sometimes its just kinda necessary to have that peaceful quiet time. Those are the times when my mind will really wander and I do a lot of thinking and converse with myself when I’m out for a run.

    Oh, and my playlist is ratchet too…lil Wayne kinda rules my running playlist lol!

  3. Uneeka Jay

    First, I don’t run. (stop laughing) However, when I do my quick walking while gasping for air I am usually listening to music. LOL! And I have to say, my playlist is not the normal genre I usually listen to. But t works for me.


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