This Week’s Nutrition Tidbit: Probiotics



For many people who are sick, they want antibiotics as soon as possible. Very willingly, doctors give you these pills and you’re back to normal.  I have a bit of a problem with the previously mentioned scenario (which happens way too often.)  You are probably sick because your immune system is compromised and unable to fight as it should.  Stress, lack of sleep && diet are a few reasons why your immune system has weakened.
I do have an issue with how readily we use antibodies considering their role. They are used to inhibit and kill bacteria and germs that have invaded your body and compromised your health. okay so what’s my problem? Very often, antibodies kill ALL bacteria and your body has an abundance of good bacteria which balances the bad. With an unbalanced amount of one, there can be more problems in your body and this is when you get ill.
What are probiotics? They are live, GOOD, bacteria.
What are some health benefits? Plays a large role in the immune system, by protecting us against germs.  Helps keep a healthy balance in the digestive track by filtering out harmful toxins, bacteria and waste. Also, they help absorb nutrients from food and deliver to their designated and needed locations/organs.
What happens when probiotics aren’t present in our body? Our immune system and health really suffer. Infections, allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases (when the body attacks itself) are increased.  You also have more digestive troubles.
Where can you get these? Well they are already in your body, but if you need to restore balance to your system, there are many ways. There are supplements you buy from your local health foods store, and also food sources, the most popular being yogurt, enriched and  Fermented products,
Side effects?:  Research is still being done && the FDA does not monitor the supplements.  There’s so much being said about how they benefit your body, but also do your research and talk with a doctor if you are unsure.
My Story!:  Yay I can tell my piece. In college I was first introduced to probiotics at a local health food’s store. They were pretty pricey and I did not feel any different after taking them. I wasn’t actually sure what was supposed to change so I didn’t buy them again. After I graduated I really wanted to boost my immune system, I did some research and reconsidered them. My mom buys supplements, while I have started eating yogurt. ( I’ve hated yogurt all my life, but now for some reason it’s not killing me…weird.)  I eat it twice a week && occasionally I’ll take a supplement from my mom’s. I haven’t been sick in foreveeer! Guys seriously! I don’t know if it is because I’m doing a better job bundling up and managing my stress or if my  live bacteria  is working!- but for right now I have no complaints.

Get There.


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