The Beyonce Grind

Faith > Fears

One day last year I had a conversation with my sister. We discussed Beyonce- her ambition and how she truly works hard. This was before she had a child, she strategically released her videos so that she always had new videos and songs coming out. It doesn’t matter if you looooooove Bey or completely dislike her, you cannot dispute her work ethic. From that discussion, we came up with the phrase “The Beyonce Grind” ie “Girl in the New Year I really gotta get on that Beyonce Grind.” Simply meaning I really was going to and needed to step up in 2012. Of course you hear this ALL the time “New Year, New Me.  New Month, New Me. etc” But something about 2012 I just knew I had to change.

In January I made a vision board this week I looked at it and about three times I have “TBG” posted throughout the page. The. Beyonce Grind. As I look back on 2012, I realized I really stepped up to the plate. I had to step out on faith and to be honest, until recently when it came to my business && when it came to teaching and guiding others with fitness advice  I had little confidence in myself.  Within the last few months I realized I could do it with some advice from a good friend. I got my mind together and just started doing it. I know my stuff, why sit here and consistently doubt MYSELF!? My Friends, my family, people I don’t know… they all support and believe in me, so it was time for me to give  myself the most confidence in the world.

In addition to my wavering faith, fear was another little creep trait that kept visiting me. I always reblog this post on tumblr that says “Let your faith be bigger than your fears.”  Sometimes fear gets hold of you and affects your faith. OR your faith isn’t there and then fear appears simultaneously. It has taken me a year a FULL 365 days to struggle with the dynamics of fear and faith, accept and grow from them, but every struggle was worth it. The struggle of Jordan vs Jordan is always going to be ever present, but I see where I want to go and there will be nothing or nobody to stop me. Obstacles… what’s up!?

The Beyonce Grind can easily be substituted for the Adrian Peterson Grind. Black Girls Rock Grind. The Big Sean Grind. The ____ organization or person ____ Grind You can decide.When I think of Bey, I see her working smart, I see her balancing time on and time off, I see her using her name to help good causes. I like the way she works. I like the way Adrian Peterson has come back from his injury to have one of his best seasons.  I’m no celebrity and I’m not huge fan of celebrities, but for some reason “the Beyonce Grind” sets will with me and it just a little something has helped me get me to the next level.

The Beyonce Grind – helping me….

Get There. 2013



7 thoughts on “The Beyonce Grind

  1. Heather H.

    Do you have pictures of your vision board? Would love to see it! I’m hosting a party with my friends in a few weeks, and we’re going to create one. I love this time of the year when everyone is full of hope and expectation. May we all have not only a dream but a strategic plan like Beyonce!

  2. westc1987

    I see a few people creating vision boards, and I would love to see also. Keep in mind I do admire Beyonce’s grind however there is a team of support to help her reach those goals. I think for us everyday people we have to create a strong and consistent support system to help reach our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. As a single mom, I have learned to speak and ask for what is needed in order to minimize the stress and keep it moving! Happy New Year!

  3. Christine

    I love this concept and I, too made big changes in 2012. But I’m really looking forward to making even bigger ones in 2013. I think fear will always follow us as we grow on our journey, but as long as we keep focused on our purpose and faith, we will reach our destiny 🙂

  4. Hanifah Munadi

    Thank you so much for the tips. Wonderful idea about the vision board. I am planning a get together for female family and friends and this will be an opportunity for all of us to bring to light our goals and aspirations. We r as good as we feel and exrecise should definitely be in the plan. U r awesome.

  5. The Tenth Muse Fitness Plus Post author

    Thanks for ALL the replies! TBG is really just a mindset that I’ve adapted! As for my vision board…. I don’t know where to show it (via comment) I can describe: it’s small. Just one page out my scrap book and take pics of anything ( celebs, destinations, food etc) and sayings ( the confidence game, it’s all in your head, win, etc) from magazines. I also do some cutting and pasting for my fav. bible verses. I’ve seen massive boards….but my smaller one is just as effective!


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