My Fitness/ Healthy Living Goals of 2013

Usually I keep this blog general, but I think putting some of my goals out there for everyone to see isn’t such a horrible idea. Yall might help me figure out how to reach them!   I made a vision board Jan 1st, which is DRASTICALLY different from last year, but last year I saw my vision become a reality. This year is about forward thinking, forward actions. This year I plan on setting the foundation for a stronger and more visible business in the Philadelphia area as well as participating in activities/events that are unfamiliar to help me gain knowledge and confidence.  With that being said here are my goals for this year!

  1. On weekdays drink 64- 75 oz of water
  2. On weekends get 40 oz water. (the struggle)
  3. Once a month try a brand new recipe
  4. Participate in new sporting events or group fitness classes… then blog about them
  5. Read at least 5-10 articles/research that are factually supported regarding health, nutrition, wellness, fitness etc- tweet them && share on the facebook page
  6. Keep up with Black Girls Run!
  7. Get another certification (JrFit Youth Fit)
  8. Reduce consumption of dairy – especially cheese, chocolate and breads/pastas (especially when I’m just being gluttonous)
  9. One spa day a month
Mhm Mhm checklist!

Mhm Mhm checklist!

I have personal and business related goals listed elsewhere, but the above mentioned tasks are some things that I can definitely accomplish I just have to push myself. I might have to set a few reminders throughout the day to sip on water for it to get done, especially on the weekends. Or when I see living social deals for group classes I  can’t just ignore & delete the email. (PS…check out Living Social for GREAT frickin GREAT deals on fitness classes in your area.)  Goal number 8 is just really a reminder. My face has almost cleared from most of the dark marks left over by acne and I know keeping my consumption of cheese, cocoa & carby carbs low will keep me on the right track. I have a tendency to just be really gluttonous and that has got to stop too!  Bad Jordan BAD! Believe me when I say a defensive lineman lives in me and I can eat for 14 people 😀  The spa day is for mental health, making sure I take time out for myself  and not get caught up ridin `round.

So there you have it! If you have any recipes, please leave them I’d like suggestions! And share your goals with me too! I’m interested in how you are going to make 2013 healthier!

Get There.


4 thoughts on “My Fitness/ Healthy Living Goals of 2013

  1. JoJo

    Those sound like great goals! And having a vision board is a perfect way daily reminder. Reminds me that I should make one up for myself, too 🙂

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