Gerber’s Story

Say hiii yall!

Say hiii yall!

Here is Gerber. Gawgeous ain’t she? She’s a hair stylist at world renowned salon Duafe and she’s also a make up artist. Well, last year I became her trainer, then she was in a car accident and had to stop for a bit. Now here we are together again!  ^-^  As a trainer my main concern is Gerber’s health and the pressure that she is putting on her joints.  If for no other reason G loses weight, she will feel and notice a significant difference in regards to the loads that are placed on her body. I meet with her Tuesday and Thursday early, early mornings (while the majority of the east coast is still dreaming about Batman, Beyonce & Bane.)  We do fitness and talk about dietary changes- progress/setbacks/ next steps. For Lent (perfect timing) she’s on a path to make changes that will positively impact her diet. We’re gonna  do this week by week making gradual changes that we hope end in a success story.

What I like about Gerber:

  • She will push herself
  • She listens

What I want her to work on:

  • Believing in herself
  • Not letting her environment influence her decisions

This first week, I propose that she cut the dairy out her diet. What the problem with dairy?? Well I’ll explain that in another post, yup I’ll dedicate a post to dairy-the good, the bad && the ugly.  Since December 2012, I’ve been pressing G to get her 64 oz in daily of water. So in addition to cutting the dairy, she’s being diligent about drinking water.  Gotta get that H2O in!

Cutting out dairy including:

Day One.

Day One.

  • cheese/butter/milk/ice cream/ yogurt/ cream cheese/ etc

Her Whole Food’s shopping list looks a little something like:

  • Non dairy yogurt
  • Non dairy cheese
  • Non dairy butter
  • Vanilla Silk
  • Granola
  • Fruits
  • Veggies

I asked her to choose a weekend day to do some physical activity in addition to the two days I come. So her work is cut out for her, but she got it.

So this is Gerber’s story told via me! – Starting today Feb 12, 2013  and documenting her journey for 40+ days to a healthier lifestyle.  If Gerber has a story that is similar to yours, join us at The Tenth Muse’s Facebook Page. Check back (on FB) for weekly updates on what she’s doing and how she’s doing. Don’t forget …. around here we share, support and encourage each other! So right now I’m rooting for Gerb!  Let’s Frickin Gooooo Gerrrrrb!!!

Get There.


8 thoughts on “Gerber’s Story

  1. Carla

    I have a question in regards to water consumption. Is the amount of water that one consumes dictated by their body weight or is 64 oz. your recommended number. I too, struggle with water intake and I mean struggle!!!! See those exclamation marks……………


    1. The Tenth Muse Fitness Plus Post author

      Hi Carla!

      64 oz is the universal recommended amount, However, your body is about 60% of water, so I say drink 60% of your body weight in water daily. Also, the majority of veggies & fruits have a high water content, contrastingly, cheese/breads/etc have a low content adding to your dehydration so even if you’re struggling with the 64 oz eat lots of fruits & veggies like cucumbers/ lettuce/ peaches/ apples/ carrots etc that will help!!

      I still struggle too, but I just keep pushing myself to drink I make myself sip consistently and I’ve added veggies to my morning smoothies. You can do it!!
      Get There.

  2. smartandsassymom

    I know Gerber! She is a very sweet and funny person. She did my locs a few years ago. This is great! So glad to see people helping and encouraging each other. God bless both of you!


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