My Niche…No Gym? No Problem.

I’m positive that I figured out my niche- or what will make me unique from the several hundreds of thousands of trainers and “fitness gurus” (I hate that phrase you ain’t NO GURU!!)

First let me just say, I have nothing again bodybuilders, male or females. If that’s what you do and the look you’re going for…do you boo!  DO that! I’ve never wanted to have that “swole” “rocked down” “oh she must stay in the gym” look. NEVER!  I love the physique of dancers and track/long or triple jumpers. Athletic, yet slim… I think that’s how I would describe me and I would like to remain that way.  Everybody is different on preferences and that is what makes this world go `round  & `round 😉  But back to the topic, I maintain my look by participating in exercises and workouts not in a gym. I LOOOOVE the gym yall, don’t get me wrong, but what I found was that I would go there even with a plan and not use it! I obviously have a Dwayne Johnson trigger when I walk into a gym. It’s like I go to the gym and lose my mind…and that’s strictly lack of self control. *Picks stuff up & Puts stuff down*

Cuzsy said I look like I’m on Tomb Raider (haha)   Angie I’m coming for BRAD!

What I realized is that I truly enjoy working out using other methods. I’m sure if I did a TRX class at a gym I would be in love, but at home I have other methods. Over these last couple of years (since graduating  school && leaving gyms alone) I realize what I can do well. HOME WORKOUTS!!!  I can pinpoint my desired intensity, mode, equipment everything!!

My Niche: No Gym? No Problem! We can set up shop right in your living room. In Philadelphia  we have the Art Museum area, from Spring to Fall I try to make it out there twice a week. Why? HILLS! STAIRS! PATHS! It has everything there and you can seriously get an intense workout in, in 30 mins. Do 5 hill sprints, 5 sets of the 1000000 art museum steps, jog around + your warm up and cool down that’s 30 serious go hard minutes! I”m sure somewhere in your city you have a spot..if not your steps or a HIIT track workout hits the spot.

I like to go to my client’s homes and give them a workout because they realize well I can really do stuff here and there are no excuses why I’m not doing better. I feel comfortable with this method and my clients reach their goals this way. Eventually I want to own my own commercial space with gym equipment, but I got a couple half decades before that dream comes true, for now there are many methods && I know my strengths!!

So once again I say, No Gym? No Worries!  No Gym? No Problem! You can work out at home. YES. YOU. CAN! for real for real. You really just have to be about it. Be consistent. Work Hard. Don’t give up!

My question for you: What’s your niche? What do you do to keep working out- keeping it fresh and challenging?

Get There.


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