2013 Goals Update:Yoga???Hmm

So  back in Jan. I made a list of fitness goals for 2013.  Number 4 stated:  Participate in new sporting events or group fitness classes… then blog about them.  I REALLY want to go skiing, but it seems like I’ll have to wait until December to make that trip.  However, Thursday night I participated in a yoga class. Now back at Rutgers I did a fitness yoga class…yalll I kid you not when I say I wanted to cry during class… until the last 5 minutes when we had to relax & meditate. I’ve said this many times and let me repeat it again..send me to the weight room && watch me put in work! Send me to a yoga class and boooooy …  *hangs head*

The thing is, I really do love yoga, it’s a challenge. The whole getting in touch with your body, relaxing and silencing your mind is truly powerful. So anyway, Thursday 6-7:30pm there is a yoga

Downward Dog Photo Credit: skeletonians.com

class at Art Sanctuary (Philly People take note) $10. The instructor Jazmyn described our class at “Classic Yoga” light vinyasa and we’ll progress each week. I enjoyed it. My favorite pose is downward dog. The warrior poses make me feel soo bossy like I’m a yoga master. I realized my left side is WAY WAY weaker and tighter than my right. Last weekend, I pull a muscle in my lower back and it’s been feeling great this week, but yoga really supported the healing process.

The last 5-10 mins of class are always my favorite. I really focus on my breathing and I also try to clear any thoughts that enter my brain. At first it’s a bit challenging, but the way you feel after is like a cotton ball. Maybe a cloud? Haha. All I know is, you feel so at peace and calm. You don’t want to turn on the radio, no tv, no drama. I had a pretty exciting day, so to end with yoga was great. I slept sooo peacefully.


I hope I’ll be able to keep this up. I’m really happy I did this.  Next up for a challenge…CROSSFIT-Manayunk! 😀

Get There.


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