Let’s Take a Little Plank Break. Love and Plank.

Hey Yall!  😀

Here’s a quick fitness video of planks and some variations to definitely fire up your abs.  My intervals were:  30 secs of  planks and 15 secs for the other variations.   The workout starts at  2 mins and 25 secs. If you want an explanation about it just start from the beginning! I will get a new camera and recording material, but I have to do research on which is the best…if you have any suggestions I’m all eyes.

Technique Blast:

  • Keep Elbows directly under shoulders
  • Your back should be as flat at possible–no dips or mountains!

Personal Blast- I struggled man I was shaking soooo frickin bad by the end, then my interval timer messed up -_-  plus I worked out earlier that morning so this is double the trouble.


Get There.



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