Going Vertical is Fun

Saturday I went indoor rock climbing. I loved it. Boom post done.

But seriously yall, it was sooooooooooooooooo fun! It’s a small, hidden place in Philly Called Go Vertical right off the river front( Penn’s Landing.) It was the first time I went rock climbing officially, and I say officially because yall know I was the type of kid who climbed over furniture, on trees, on people– fell down, cut myself..you see who I was. Anyways, It was really fun and it was a workout!–like a complete total body workout. As much physically as it was, it was also mental. I say this because you have to be strategic in regards to your footing and which rock to grab next. Sometimes it’s really easy, but other courses are more difficult. The package I got was for 3 courses varying in difficulty, all fairly easy but you could see how it could get tricky and much more difficult.

Not to toot my own own but *beep beep* yall I was pretty frickin awesome. My instructor Mike (WHO IS ALSO A PASTRY & CULINARY ARTIST!!!!! 😀 ) was in total disbelief that I was a first-timer. He really encouraged me to come back and take an official class. I was interested in common injuries (the trainer in me smh) and he explained that there are few injuries especially in an indoor facility. I was like Oh. My. Guudness.  Me? Rock climbing???  After I completed the third course and he asked me again if I was interested in signing up.. haha. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking like NON-STOP about it. I read this month’s Women’s Health Mag  on my commute to work and it was an article about this lady who started rock climbing. I’m on the train like “God is this you!?”  So yea, I’ve been thinking about it.  My level of “oh you better do it because you already did it”… is on Tamar (see pic above).

do it. do it. do it.

Let me also say. I am not afraid of heights. I love being up high and looking down. If you are, I still suggest that you try it and just start low and raise uuuup!

As you can see. I really enjoyed it. I guess I should stress that it is whole, every muscle even your brain, work out experience, but you should try it and then you’ll feel what I mean. Next, a Citibank Card commercial climbing up rocks in no mans land. HA!

Get There.


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