I’m huge on being positive. If you catch me complaining I really have to  be bothered. I loathe & I mean truly hate how readily people complain- yes you are going to have days and moments that are pretty sucky and things just aren’t going your way, but to completely neglect all the blessings that you have each and every day is pretty narcissistic and ungracious.  Shoot, I just got on my nerves explaining why I don’t like complainers.

positiveEvery morning I wake up && thank God for waking me up & keeping me safe throughout the night- then I tell myself today is going to me a great day. Yup, a few days in a year I have some rough days; for instance a few days ago my car hydroplaned and spun so out of control. No one was injured. No damage was done to any other car or property. My car was damaged, but guess what.. I have insurance. I am okay. No one was injured…I was very blessed and I am so grateful. When it comes to life and the events throughout the days and weeks and years, just be positive. It’s not really easier said than done, it is easy to do yall just gotta frickin do it, no thinking is even allowed. I give myself a max of 36 hours to be in a funk when it happens (rare…once/twice a season) After a while I am truly sick of me being negative and upset because it drains me! But 36 hours is my max- I give myself a little pep talk it goes a little something like “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER YOU’RE GETTING ON YOUR OWN DAMN NERVES GIRL! It ain’t even that bad what’s the real issue here?! UGH ugh ugggh get ya life. Grab it!” << just like that. To me. From me.

People get set off by anything these days and it really isn’t worth it.. not in the long run. When it comes to weight lost you have to keep your spirits up. The journey is long and tough and if you want to give up, trust me you will. It’s so easy to slip back to your old unhealthy habits rather than fight through the turbulence. Remember you can do it and any progress IS IN FACT PROGRESS.When you’re in school and struggling on a subject (the lawd gave me physics to keep me on streeeeessssed) you have to make a plan to really push yourself and while going to the extra study groups and while missing a few parties and while you’re studying instead of watching mindless shows tell yourself “I got it. I can do this.”  At work with that annoying, kiss up co-worker or over anal boss. Driving and Sir-I-Gotta-Hummer cuts you off. At home and your dad just told you to take out the trash && as you’re getting up to do it he yells to hurry up…be positive.

worryIt honestly seems so silly and simple, until you do it and until you realize- it works! Nobody has to hear your inner squeal of “GIRL YOU ARE LOOKING TOO FLY TODAY!” nobody except yourself. Nobody has to hear  “Crap he really just pissed me off, but it’s all good tonight I’m going home at cooking some dinner and I can throw down! Why?? CUZ I’M THE BEST CHEF OUTCHEA!!!!” nah nobody has to know. People say Oh Jordan you’re so optimistic and you always look at the bright side of things…yuup! sure do. always have and I always will. Somebody, somewhere else has it worst and very often the issues we stress about aren’t even issues to stress over. “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” and do not worry because if you can change it then change it..and and if you cannot then why are you worrying?

  1. Think Positive. Everything starts with your mental state. When you put your mind to it… changes will be made. It’s up in the mind first.
  2.  Talk positive. Talk yourself up. Get your self esteem back. I’m not saying go around being cocky! But have confidence in whatever you’re doing.
  3. Feel positive. You’ll notice yourself feeling better when you stop all the mindless stressing & worrying. You’ll feel lighter. Things won’t bother you as often and as quickly.

Yall got it. Try it for a few days. Really try it. See if it makes a difference. It will. It really really will. You can do it Muses. You can doooooo it!

Get There.


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