Time isn’t the issue. You are the issue.

SO what is your excuse?

SO what is your excuse?

I planned to have this long drawn out post about making time to exercise, but you know what, I don’t have time for that. You and your excuses can have about a dozen seats. Just stop it with all the excuses about why you cannot work out. It’s almost May, stop it.  Let me explain how much one hour of workout is per day– FOUR percent… more precisely, 4.16667%. Being 23 and busy I live by this mantra, ” you make time for who and want you want to- whether it is a relationship, exercising, hanging with friends, catching up on your shows, heading a spa or game if you WANT to do it, you will.

So let me be clear, there is no reason why you cannot work out a few days a week for at least 30 minutes.

30 minutes. 2% of your day.

Like Nike has made famous: Just do it. And as I say: Get There.   I’ll kindly post a workout that I found on tumblr a while back that I really like. It’s great: Take a look below.

Quick yet challenging... perfect

Quick yet challenging… perfect

Your workouts don’t have to be crazy to get the benefits of exercising. Do this one time to start. Work your way up to 2 -3 and really push yourself.

Get There.


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