April Fail(s)


This month. I promise you I was horrendous in everything. See what had happened was…well I just reduced everything: my workouts, my healthy eating, my water — everything. Recently, my coworkers saw my video from last summer, they said, your legs were bigger then, I’m like nahhh. NAH my legs are DEFINITELY bigger now, I’m not walking around in little booty shorts. But then I started looking at myself and yea, I’m still fit, very fit, but something is different. My diet has suffered, although it is better than the average American it was things that I know I shouldn’t have been eating.  I ran a few days, my running workout  includes a mile warmup, hills, stairs, lunges, a variation of that. I didn’t really workout at home and that was the difference.

So here it is April 29th and I’m like oh my gosh. I have totally fallen off the “I’m fit and healthy and the bomb” bandwagon.  It really gets me upset. lol IT’S NOT FUNNY! Last night I decided to hop back on it and pump it up for the next month..really go hard, then go back to my maintenance phase in mid-June. Don’t forget I have this CrossFit living social deal that I have to use in the next few months ..so that’s really exciting.

Here’s what I am going to do for the month of May (including April 29-30th)

  1. One Day a week of Leg work  with a little ab work
  2. One Arm/Upper Body day with a little ab work
  3. One plyometric day (this will be high intensity)
  4. One day of running and/or pure other cardio
  5. Two total body workout days : upper/lower back, glutes/hammys/quads. triceps/biceps, all other muscles (moderate-high intensity)

So I’ll switch this up on a weekly basis. My workouts are MAX 45 mins. usually 30 minutes. I don’t like sweating when I’m at home working out, but I’m guess I’ll get over that because I really have to pump everything up.

As for my diet:

  1. sip sip sip siiip my water
  2. Start making dishes from my detox to eat regularly
  3. Make a smoothie 2 times a week
  4. CUT OUT STARBUCKS! < i am beside myself and this little lattes are so frickin expensive + full of sugar & dairy.
  5. More veggies in general .
  6. Cut the sweets at work (they bring in donuts, muffins etc) I have to say no.

I’ve been knocking down other goals, but I need to remember to do what I’m telling my clients to do. I can’t slack up, a week off is cool, but what happened in the last 4 weeks needs to never happen again.

So that’s where I’m at right now, at this very moment. I worked out this morning, I packed my lunch and prepped for the week. I’m back on it. In mid/late June maybe I’ll post a few photos of how I’m looking.
I guess I owe my coworkers a thanks for pointing that out, they were just making a statement, here I am freaking out.

You ever slipped up? How did that work out for you? Get back on track or say..forget it?

Get There.


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