Support for Sporty Socks

FitFluential has weekly chats on twitter that are really quite informative regarding nutrition, health, fitness, etc. A couple of months ago they were talking about athletic socks and how beneficial they are for runners. I’ve never take an interest in them because I’m thinking okaay socks are socks. whatever.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been interested in buying some and seeing if they make a difference in my training & running. My boss told me once she started wearing training socks she never went back to regular sock when working out.  When I workout/run now I wear my Hanes pink toed socks or just my cute little colored socks… nothing major or supportive at all.  I purchased Advanced High Performance training socks from Champion at Target. I’m excited to try these out because I have been having some support issues with my arch occasionally and it’s frickin painful! I have an onRamp CrossFit class in a couple of day. this class is three..yes  3 hours long. I’m probably gonna die, but at least my feet will be swagged out. I also plan to start running again with BGR, I stopped because I’ve been coaching, track season is ending in a few weeks. I’ll be able to really tell if there is a difference then.

I went to the gym and wore the socks today, they felt good. I was balling amazingly.. just like Jordan. -_-  😀   Was it because of the sock? haha. These socks claim to

  • Absorb shock b/c of its  zone cushioning
  • provide arch support for ALL day performance
  • wicks moisture fast with Duo Dry Max-specific to Champion
  • & of course provides comfort.

$9.oo for a pack of 4. White socks with trim of green/blue/pink/purple and grey heels + toes. I want eventually make the switch to workout in only fitness socks.

Just like workout specific clothing, these sporty socks aren’t necessary to workout and not having any better not! be your excuse to why you aren’t gettin it in consistently. I do think they are beneficial for individuals who participate in moderate-high intensity && for endurance activities.

So .. yall have any thoughts about sporty socks? A different brand I should buy?

Get There.


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