Training Log

I feel like I’ve really been on a nutrition tip. I have all these drafts of nutrition posts and really nothing about fitness. As much as I encourage eating clean and changing your diet, fitness is top of the top! After April and my month of fails, I started working out after work at my gym. To help push me along and make sure I’m improving gradually I made up a workout/ training log. It’s pretty basic, but it definitely helps. The upper half is for upper body and the lower half is my lower body:  Monday is a mixed workout, Tuesday is lower body, Wednesday is upper body, Thursday I play basketball & Friday if I do decide to workout it’s body weight, very quick, pretty intense maybe 20 mins max.  So I use this log for Tuesday & Wednesday and it last for 2 weeks. I want to change it, but I’m not sure on a design…I need something to be effective. For the time being, until I can decide on something else, this will do.

Now I use the log for the machines, you can use for any activity though I just find it easier to keep track of the reps/sets & weights this way.

As for my rest’s not much..If I do biceps, next is triceps and I keep at it for 3 sets for x amount of reps and then my rest is grabbing a sip of water && walking to the next machine/exercise. I really don’t need longer rest periods unless I do heavier lifting, cleans/presses/ squats etc with the bar.

So anyways, here’s my log. I’m sharing! I hope you enjoy, use it, change it etc. Oh so on the abs/core column, I didn’t delete the exercises I did..oops, yall can do those tho! I put a check in the boxes when I do them. If friends/family wants them I usually color coordinate to their favorite color lol..I know I’m such a dweeb.

Tell me how you feel about this.

Get There.


Tenth Muse Training Log

Tenth Muse Training Log



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