Eating Water? Fruity Herby Water?

Hey Yall!

I’ve written on several occasions about water. I won’t rehash it now, but I will say drinking the recommended daily amount of water is something that shouldn’t be ignored.  I strive for 70 ounces a day. I fail. I consistently fail at this. I’ll do amazing in spurts of 3-4 days. Then mess up for several weeks. I want to do better yall!!!!!!! I’ve succumbed to social media peer pressure: I got some mason jars.

Sexy delicious drank.

I made Rosemary Watermelon Water and LOOOOOOVED IT!  It is so cool and refreshing. I can easily drink 3-4 glasses and that’s like 30+ oz easily!  I’ve seen so many tumblr posts of different drinks, I am going to try cucumber & lime water I hear great great stuff about that combo. If you have any recipes or drink ideas.. Leave it here! I really want some more.

More importantly I want to discuss eating water? Whaaa??? Yup. So check it.  The majority of fruits and veggies have a high water content.  Grains, pastas, cheese etc have low. So if you eat these low water content having food you aren’t hydrating your body. Nutritionally the higher level H2O foods are great for you. I actually learned about this through Chef Ahki’s facebook page and since then, I try to eat a salad/make a drink that includes these high water content foods. Remember the water you’re getting from these foods is natural and the best kind you can get, even better than spring water! It has the prefect pH levels, minerals etc.

Water is not about Quantity. Water is about Quality.-Chef Ahki 

I’m working on this. It’s new knowledge and I’m just sharing. I think this is awesome & enlightening.
Get There.


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