My Dream Garden

I really honestly love gardening. I know I get it from my dad, when I was younger every summer we had a garden and he would plant sooo many things. Now that I’m old enough, I get into it early spring.  Today as I was checking on my plants, I found out we have a blueberrry bush. I was in my backyard like OH MY GOSH! we have blueberries!!!!!!!! ( I love blue berries.) I never realized it, but I don’t think it existed before this year. It got me thinking about what I HAVE to have in my future garden.

Herbs. Veggies. Fruits. Flowers.   <–so general right!  So let me get more specific.


  • Rosemary/Lavendar/Mint/Basil


  • Tomatoes/ Carrots/Green Beans/KALE/Cucumbers


  • Strawberries

Outside Plants:

  • Tulips/Tiger Lilys/ SUNFLOWERS/ Orchids

Inside Plants:

  • Aloe/Jade

Remember you can start your garden in an egg cartoon, greek yogurt containers are great too! Get your kids involved & save some $$ with fresh produce. So, what do you HAVE to have in your garden?

Get There.


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