Drop & Gimme Five. . . Pounds

Right now, in my life I am very satisfied with my appearance, You will never hear or read about me complaining about my weight, HOWEVER, & with that being said, I would like to gain 5 pounds. First let me start by discussing stress and how it affects my appetite. Back in my undergraduate years, I learned different types of stress triggers different  foodie reactions. When I was studying for my exams or when I was stressed with school and organization issues I snacked consistently, I went to the dining halls multiple times per day and yes, fast food and corner stores were frequented a bit more.  In short, I ate more and I ate more stuff that was unhealthy. Now, when I was having issues with guys my appetite would disappear. Family issues have the same affect on the GI system too.

In the past few weeks, there has been an abundance of family issues that the Muse family is dealing with, so what happens? My appetite has been touch && go. That’s not good. Then, Monday-Thursday I still have been working out, so:  eating less + working out = calorie deficit. Calorie deficit = weight loss.

My clothes ALL of my clothes are fitting different, they are looser. I really really don’t like that SOOO I’m at a point now where I’m like okay Jordan you have GOT to change what you’re doing because it isn’t healthy.  I love food and I was missing it like cray!

Me =)

(This was like 2weeks ago when I was losing my appetite)  CURRENTLY, I’m real real real good.  Let me explain what I changed. First I calmed down and stopped stressing to such an extreme degree, with that my appetite came right back.  Then I made sure I had a good amount of protein at every meal. Every shake/smoothie I made had plant or whey protein, I would add quinoa in cold or hot cereal and salad. I was worried I would start having issues with acne again if I upped my carbs, but I haven’t upped my carbs  intake, I’ve just been eating more frequently ( that’s the biggest change) and adding more nutritionally-dense foods plus sometimes I wouldn’t eat even after a certain time even if I was a little hungry. I stopped that . I eat whenever.

I know I exercise enough. I know I eat healthy. I want to continue to be healthy && self-confident.

There is such a huge issue in America about being obese and overweight, but that has never been my issue. Everyone has their own struggles, identifying and progressively working on them is something that everyone should be doing with some aspect of their life to improve.

Right now, in this moment, I feel good. So yes the goal is still to gain 5 pounds, but as long as I’m healthy I’m good.  With that being said, drop and gimme 5 poounds!

Get There.


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