Looking Back On Bootcamp

2 weeks ago, August 3rd I had my 5th and last session of bootcamp up in Chester, PA! I actually wanted to do a one week look back, but last week I was packing and running around doing last minute stuff in Philly before the move. I’m in South Carolina now, situated and waiting to have a Google Hangout with my girls  🙂

When I think about the bootcamp experience I can seriously say it was a journey. The last 3-4 months of 2012 it was just a thought. I always knew I wanted it to be an outdoor class so I had to wait until the winter and iffy spring months passed. I originally wanted to work with another trainer, I wanted to start it in Camden, I wanted to charge $5 a person per class, I wanted to start in June and go throughout the summer and grow it to about 30- 40 people. Well.  None of the above mentioned scenarios played out, at all. Actually at one point I said forget it I’m done with the bootcamp idea, nothing worked out! Feb. through April nothing went in my favor.

I worked with Legacy Tennis in their afterschool program for the 2013 school year. I did the fitness while the other instructor did the tennis.  I worked in Camden several days a week, however, one week my boss asked if I could go to Chester for a few days as they were starting the tennis program out there. Sure why not? I need a break from Camden anyways! Well, when I got to Chester I was pleasantly surprised by.. well–everything! Several parents stayed out with their child(ren) and partook in the fitness and tennis activities. That was definitely a welcome and energizing change. I was at Memorial Park and I took the kids through several exercises, mostly running games and things that would tire them out, but would seem fun and not a challenging workout. I got to the park early only afternoon and walked further down the block to the other side, I realized how amazing of a park it was. From there I decided that I had to get something going in Chester. To make a long story short, I was able to partner with Let’s Move! Chester and on July 6th I started my bootcamp and continued every Saturday until August 3rd at 7:30 am at the park I first went to, Memorial Park.

Basically, this has been one of my best experiences this summer. From the start I received a ton of support and that made everything easier. There were a few ladies who made it out every Saturday and really pushed the bootcamp and spread the word. When you have to do everything those actions mean so much. Every week there were new and old faces out there to get a workout. I definitely learned more about myself in terms of being a motivator and having a program when it’s various levels and how to run it efficiently and effectively. My mom came out every week and every time I went home I had the hugest smile on my face. Starting my Saturday mornings with those ladies honestly brought me joy.  As much as I may have helped and pushed the ladies, they did the same for me and stuff like that I will never forget. The ladies enjoyed it and one of the participants is keeping it going!  yay! Below is a slideshow of some of the moments from bootcamp! Enjoy & remember you are responsible for your health, take control of it and say no to illness! 😀 Be Healthy yall, it’s a process that will gradually change your life.

Get There.

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