Spartan Race *GIVEAWAY*

Hi Muses! To the old and new readers heyy && welcome to The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus ūüôā

SO a while ago, literally over a month, I received an email and it was a request to write a blog post an promote the Spartan Race! So of course I’m like heck yes this is a win for everybody involved!…except I just didn’t write the post! It has taken me forever to sit down and do this. Since my grad school classes start tomorrow I KNEW I had to get this out today!

Now what is the Spartan Race?¬†¬†Spartan Race is the world‚Äôs leading obstacle race series. There are races all over the world. Many happening in September throughout the end of the year. There is the Spartan Sprint: 3+ miles with 10+ obstacles. ¬†Then the Spartan Super: 8+ miles with 15+ obstacles and last the Spartan Beast 10+ miles with 18+ obstacles. If you go on their website you can see which course is coming to an area near you! ¬†Map of events. I am definitely a fan of these obstacles races that are popping up all over. I know last year I really wanted to do the Tough Mudder and then I figured I was being overly ambitious and said well maybe I’ll do the Dirty Girl. As of now I’ve done neither, but it is on my bucket this for fitness challenges…because this is a challenge. You do have to train! These obstacles runs, even though they are challenging, they are always a ton of fun and a way to meet people and build friendships!

If anybody is in my backyard, Philly, Jersey, Delaware && New York, there is a Tri-State Spartan Race in late¬†so I encourage you to look into that! Try something new. If you don’t win there is a 15% off code on the website SO head over to and look around. Now for everyone who is interested in JUST a workout,¬†Spartan Race founder, Joe De Sena, is traveling around the country giving out free Spartan Workouts at local gyms and facilities. So be on the lookout to see if he is coming to a gym near you!!

So now the fun part! Entering to win! You have to do all three to be in the drawing.

  1. You can tweet this once or once a day. Tweet:  The @Tenth_Muse is having a giveaway for the Spartan Race. I entered, you should check it out:
  2. Like my Facebook Page (and don’t hesitate to start a discussion! I want more interaction) : The Tenth Muse: ¬†Fitness Plus
  3. Leave a comment answering this question: What are a few things you do to prep for a challenge, whether the challenge is in fitness, work, parenting etc

That’s ALL! If you have any questions please Let me know! This giveaway will end August 31st and ¬†a winner will be selected and notified September 1st!

Get There.

*GIveaway Closed*


9 thoughts on “Spartan Race *GIVEAWAY*

  1. Seth

    A few things I do to train for an upcoming race: eat right and try to get adequate sleep. Light running every other day a week prior. Drink a glass of water right before heading off to the race in hopes of sweating it out.

  2. Greg

    Well to prep for a race I start hydrating the days leading up to it. Constantly stretching and staying loose. I usually eat a healthy meal the night before. Typically salmon. Take in a few 100 calories during the morning for breakfast with some oatmeal or granola bars. Then just get prepared to give it my all.

  3. Becky Burkart

    I liked your facebook page! To get ready for a challenge I try to prepare myself physically AND mentally. All your physical training is for naught if you can’t maintain your mental composure!


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