Hey, Can I Get Ya Number!?

Yesterday at the gym, I felt,  just a tad, like I could and should be doing way more than what I’m doing especially pertaining to my leg workouts. I figure, why not make a blog post about it and hopefully get people to share their numbers and their goals.  The initial date to start this off is..today August 26th. The next check-in will be the 27th of October and the last check-in will be before Christmas sooo let’s say December 21st.    This is what to do: put up your current and goal weights in regards to upper body, lower body, planks, wall sits, etc. You can put sets/reps down too. I won’t because I do between 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps..always. I REALLY DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE A THREE POUND DUMBBELL AND WANT TO WORK UP TO 5 POUNDS!  Shoot! I don’t CARE, just push yourself to gradually improve!  If you are walking 25 minutes 2 days a week and want to increase to a longer time and add some hills…write that down!

Sooo  here we go

As of 8/25/13

  • Single Leg Press- 65lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 125 lbs
  • Leg extension/curl- 65 lbs
  • [Back] Deep Squat- 70lbs
  • Lunges & step Ups -w/15lbs in each hand

I can’t think of anything else.

My goals for December:

  • Single Leg Press- 85lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 180lbs
  • Leg Curl/Extension- 80 lbs
  • Deep Squat- 90 lbs
  • Lunges / step ups- 25 lbs

AIGHT!  yall got it! Hold me to it now!  Lemme getcha number(s) 😉

Get There.


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